Thursday, March 8, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish

Instant Chemistry
The design is not very visible with this color. I applied a thin coat and this is how it turned out. When I applied a thicker coat the design was less visible.

Pull Me Close
The designs show up much more clearer with this color. If you are looking to get a magnetix polish, I recommend this one. No disappointments here.

I bought these at Sally's Beauty Supply. They had a sale going on buy 2 magnetix polish and get the magnet free.

As you can see I smudged my thumb nail over the magnet. If this happens to you make sure you wipe off the magnet immediately

The magnet comes with 3 different designs.
Below each rectangular magnet is a little groove for you to place your finger to magnetize your nail polish.

Overall my thoughts for this polish are fair. They are cheaper than the ones that the Icing sells. These also come with 3 designs rather than just the one that the Icing has. The Icing magnetic nail polishes have the magnet over the nail polish cap. I will post the link to the Icings Magnetic nail polish. I'm sure that once I practice more the designs will look alot better. Until then thanks for stopping by:)

This is the video for the Icing Magnetic Nail Polish

This is the link for the China Glaze nail polish

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