Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saving Money Using Coupons

Walgreens-$6.66 total


CVS $14.92
 This is my weekly haul for September 25,2011. My total out of pocket was $27.67. I really like to set my budget for no more than $20.00. As you can see, I was $7.67 over. I really wanted to use two coupons that were about to expire and I knew Walmart would have the items lower than CVS and Walgreens. Over all, I feel good about this weeks purchases. Along with the items, I was able to get my mom a small birthday gift. I am pretty sure she will enjoy the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips. I know I would.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Color Club Back to Boho Collection B

Once again, I found this collection at Ross.  The price was $7.99. Every color is so beautiful, but I like Collect A the most. I could not get a decent enough picture of the polishes. So the colors you see look a whole lot better in person. They actually had quite a few in stock. I asked an associate when their new merchandise was restocked and they tole me on Wednesday. It may be different in your area, but if you are looking for this collection maybe you can find it there. I looked on line at and they sold this for $48.00. The only difference that I did notice is that the one I bought at Ross did not come with the 0-60 clear top coat. The one I bought at Ross just came with a regular top coat. I have a few fast dry top coats that it really did not bother me at all.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Color Club-Back To Boho Collection A

This is my YouTube video of the collection that I bought at Ross. I lost/deleted the pictures.

I went to my local Ross for a quick peek of what they had. I came across this Color Club Collection but decided to not get it. I placed it back on the shelf and continued walking around for a while. After not finding anything else interesting, I decided to go ahead and buy the polish. There were 2 so I grabbed one. I payed and put the buggy away. As I grabbed the bag from the buggy the polishes fell straight through the bag!!! The polishes broke!!! There was a big hole on the bottom of the bag and neither the clerk nor I noticed it. Thank goodness there was one left. I let the clerk know that there was one left and I was going to get so there was no need for a refund!
As you can see in the pictures the colors are so creamy and true to the bottle color. There is no smudgyness. The colors are beautiful. I have the nude color on right now and I am in love with it. No doubt my favorite collection so far.!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Look What $8.09 Can Buy You!!

This weekend coupons did not contain anything that I thought was of good value.There were 3 inserts but nothing really caught my eye. I was hoping to see more Air Wick coupons but they did not have anything. The only coupon I used for this weeks coupons was for the $1.00 off for the Aqua Fresh tooth paste. I used coupons that I  had from previous weeks for the items I purchased today.
These are all the coupons I used for my purchases
The first place I went was Walgreen's. Here is the list and  items of what I purchased:
Orbit gum $.79 each
Sin Full Nail Polish $.99 each
Pure Silk Shaving Cream $.19 each
Aquafresh Toothpaste $.99
Tampons $ 1.99
TOTAL-$7.60 rec'd $1.00 Register Rewards

At CVS, I did not buy much at all. I only bought a tooth paste.
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste $.49
TOTAL-$.49 rec'd $1.50 Extra Care Bucks

My total out of pocket was $8.09. At Walgreen's, I was charged double for the Tampons and I did not realize until I was already home. Thankfully we went to visit my mother in law and Walgreen's was right around the corner from her house. I was refunded my money without question.
I hope you get a chance to visit my YouTube channel-awifespeaks for coupon how to's.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My First VoxBox from INFLUENSTER!!

ProBar-HALO Snack Bar

WEN by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner

The Natural Dentist-Pleasant-tasting Healthy Gums Anti gingivitis Rinse

Food Should Taste Good-All Natural Tortilla Chips

Derma E-Very Clear Cleansing Scrub

Avalon Organics-Nourishing Cherry Aloe Lip Balm-LOVE THIS!!!!

Juice Beauty-Conditioning Lip Color-Organic Fig

Jason Natural-Pure Natural Soothing Aloe Vera Hand Soap
This is my very first VoxBox from Influenster. Here is a quick rundown of what a VoxBox is-VoxBoxes are themed packages of products mailed directly to qualified member's homes. Boxes include a variety of products from top beauty, health, grooming, snack, beverage and lifestyle brands. Who gets a VoxBox? Influensters are selected for themed shipments based on the types and levels of badges they have unlocked, ensuring members receive products that match their lifestyles and interests. Members with high Influenster rankings are prioritized, so make sure to unlock as many Influence and Activity Badges as you can. Once you qualify for a VoxBox you will be notified. I was notified by email. When you receive a VoxBox make sure to log in to your account and check off that you received your VoxBox. Evaluate the products given and give honest feedback. If you liked a certain brand make sure to let all your friends and family know. Feel free to tweet or facebook about it too.

The first thing that I tried out was the ProBar HALO Nutty Marshmallow bar. I loved it. I usually like soft and chewy bars and this fits right into that category. The nutty flavor and marshmallow combo was so yummy. This is a certified organic bar, low in sugar and only 150 calories.
I can not wait to try the other products especially the WEN Conditioner.

For much more information and to register with Influenster visit their website:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey Ladies check out: Lacquered Lover: LACQUERED LOVER 100TH POST GIVEAWAY!!!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Purse

Before I had my son, I never was overly cautious. Now a days, that's all that I am. I always peek outside my doors peephole before I leave the house. As soon as I get in the car, I lock the doors even though they lock automatically once I hit a certain speed. I am sure there are many others but I don't want to freak y'all out.
Long gone are the days when I flashed a nice handbag that I carried over my shoulder. Now I use cross body purses. I just feel safer that way. Today I bought this bag from JC Penny. Its by Relic and I can use it as an over the shoulder bag or cross body. It has a big center opening with a slot for my phone.It's big enough to carry a bottle of water. I especially like that it has a zipper closer. It has a big slot in the back. It also has three zippered compartments to store my camera,bloggie,taser and notebook.
This bag here will be my mommy mode bag. I'll use my other black studded bag when my husband is with me. This bag may not be the most fancy or beautiful bag ever but it sure fits my needs.
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Thursday, September 1, 2011


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