Friday, August 30, 2013

Duck Commander & Gas Monkey Garage Visit

As we were leaving Lego Land we decided to head to Gas Monkey Garage since it was a only a few minutes away. I definitely did not want to miss an opportunity to see Richard Rawlings
As we pulled up, they were filming . The gate was closed but the store was open. We went inside but he did not come out. I did see a quick glimpse of his back side but that was all.

Alex posing in front of the swag van

Frank and Alex

Aaron Kaufman and a couple of the guys from the show

Christie and Alex

Gas Monkey Garage t-shirt. Frank bought one for him and Alex
YAY!!!! He finally came out of the back and into the store.  He came out and shook our hand. Frank asked if I can take a picture with him and he said yes. Afterwards Frank and Alex made fun of me saying that I looked as if I had lipstick all over my face because my face got really red. Seriously this man is very handsome. I totally regret not buying a T-Shirt. Everyone at the store was really nice. I'm so glad we stopped by.

Picture post of our trip to Duck Commander-Duck Dynasty.  Unfortunately we did not see anyone from the cast but we did see Korie Robertson in her SUV as she was leaving. We were pulling into the street when she was at the stop sign and I had my camera in my purse:/
Sorry if these pictures are in such a random order. I was having trouble loading them

My son said this huge duck call was on one of their shows. I must have missed this episode. 

My husband trying on hats decisions decision

Me on the scorching hot rig

Alex using his "Uncle Si" duck call

Alex posing at the end of there big rig

Duck Commander

Duck Dynasty Camo Rig

statue of Phil Robertson inside their store

Wall sticker of Phil inside dressing room 

Alex sitting inside the dressing room

Pictures inside the souvenir store

Leaving Louisiana and Texas Bound

Beautiful sky

Made it to Texas after about 3 hours

A beautiful rainbow greeted us home

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