Friday, August 26, 2011

Monster Nails

Finger Paints-Groovy Green

Black Shatter-before clean up

Monster Nails!

I am not a big fan of energy drinks. I will take a couple of sips but will not drink the whole can. I can always tell when Frank drinks one because his burps always smell fruity.
Last night I chose to color my nails this nice green color by Finger Paints called Groovy Green. I applied a clear 3mm rhinestone and surrounded it with black1.5mm rhinestones on the ring fingers. I really like the way it looked. I was going to stamp  a black design on it but did not like the way it came out. So I took it off and the nails were left a little stained. I did not have time to repaint them so I grabbed my black Shatter polish by OPI ( yes they sent me a new one!!) and applied it on all my nails.
After looking at them, I realized they looked like a can of Monster Energy Drink. I don't like the drink but I sure love the way my nails look.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If Only This Was a Lipgloss!!

I have never been a big fan of anything pink. When I was younger, I shared a room with my sister and since she was the oldest she choose pink for our bedroom walls. I could not stand it. I also had a pink blanket, but I actually love that blanket. It was so cozy. My grandma would tell my mom to take it away from me because I was too skinny! Kind of weird right, she would say the pink blanket kept me skinny. Must have been an old wives tale. Finally when I turned 18 and moved to my brothers old room and painted it purple, I finally started developing. The pink blanket was no longer with me. So maybe there was some truth to it.
Any ways, this is my latest manicure. The color is by Sinful Nail Polish and it is called Forget Now. It is such an amazing color. I wouldn't say its pink its more of a fuchsia color with shimmery pink sparkles. I love it!! I think I even remember back in my single days owning a lip gloss  this same color. It was so pretty and glossy and shimmery. I loved it. I think it was by Maybelline or Covergirl. I'm going to keep my eye open to find a gloss that matches this. If you see this polish, I recommend picking it up. I don't think you will regret it. I really did not think I was going to like it this much. I'm glad I picked it up! Thanks for visiting me today.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

8-21-11 Giveaway for my 2 YouTube Channel

Flowers fimo nail art wheel 12 colors/1200 pieces

2 nail wheels and orange wood sticks
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Thanks and Good Luck!!

Good Night

As you can see there are no pictures today on my blog. I seem to have missed place my memory card. Alex and I had a great day. He has been excited all week to go see SpyKids2 3D. I hate to admit, but I was a little excited as well, because of the scratch and sniff cards that were going to added to the movie. I  am not a fan of Jessica Alba or Jeremy Piven. The movie was OK but as long as Alex enjoyed it that was good for me. Before the movie we shared some orange chicken and fried rice. I think that's his new favorite. We had alot of time to kill before the movie started so after lunch we went upstairs and he played in the playground. Afterwards, we took a ride on the carousal.
When we got home he took a little power nap and I was able to catch up on some YouTube videos. Later in the evening I painted my nails with the last two polishes that I had bought from Sinful Colors. I will post pictures as soon as I find my card. Well you read this post, thank you and Goodnight!!! Sweet Dreams!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


So today is Friday!! YAY!! Well surprisingly my manicure actually lasted even after I cleaned my house. I know house cleaning can be a drag but honestly I thank God that I actually have a house that is mine to clean. I feel very fortunate for that. I changed my routine of cleaning my house. I usually do it on Mondays but decided to start cleaning it on Fridays, since I do not have much to do. This morning started off great. Frank and I had a chance to work out together. It was alot of fun. We did a Body Pumping class together. I thought I was going to pass out. But I tell myself  " I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me". I actually say that with all of my challenges whether its cooking or driving and everything in between.  Today I had a chance to make it to Walgreen's. I bought 4 Sinful Nail Polishes since they were on sale for .99cents. The peachy pink one is called Hazard and it applies very good. I thought it was going to look streaky but it was not. My only advise would be to let coats dry for at least 5 minutes before applying the second coat. I was in a rush so I did not wait and the color looked a little funky/wrinkly. For the middle and thumb nails I used a purple color called Amethyst. This color is so pretty. I was going to sponge the tips this purple shade but it didn't look to good. To save time, I just painted them over the Hazard polish. Please excuse the messiness. After completing my manicure, I decided that it looked a little to much like Halloween colors. I grabbed Konad plate 77 and used Konad special polish in yellow to stamp a flower on the purple nails. I decided to leave the other nails as they were. I applied to clear rhinestones to the flowers and called it a day. Tomorrow, God willing, I will use the other two nail colors that I bought. I hope you have a blessed and fun filled weekend!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peacock Wanna-Be

 I was really hoping that the look above would have resembled a peacock. I used Tres Risk in the Dark Green for the base color. After it dried completely i used BM plate in 212. I used China Glaze in Cherish to apply the stamp. This is one of my most favorite polishes to stamp with when I am using green as a base color. I used China Glaze in ??? I forgot the name of it to apply purple dots in the little circle inside the bigger circles. It did resemble a peacock if you happen to have forget your glasses or contact lenses and you were looking at it from far away.LOL.

This is what I painted my nails with tonight. I used Nail Tek Intensive care for soft and peeling nail. I love this stuff. I bought it a while ago at Ross. It came with a quick dry polish as well,but I did not like it so much. It did not dry quick enough for me. I was having alot of problems with my nails peeling so I started using this as my base coat and it has helped tremendously. I have also started taking vitamins as well so that can also be what has been helping. I then applied  two coats of Orly Velvet Rope. It's an okay color not one of my favorites but i just had to pick something out quickly.To finish, I used Diamond Dry. This was a free gift from Sally's Beauty Supply. I really can not recommend this because it seems to make your nail polish peel off quickly. I used it anyways because tomorrow I have to clean my house and I don't intend to keep this color on any longer than tomorrow. I hope!
On another note....if you are reading this post, I hope you get a chance to visit my new vlog channel on YouTube
I just want to share more of my daily life. As always, Thank you so much for reading my blog or watching my videos.
                                                                      Lots of xoxox
                                                                    Christina M

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pureology Presents-Global Green USA's Green School Makeover Competition

 I became aware of the competition through being an Influenster member.  For entering this contest, Influensters can receive the bonus Pureology gift set.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lacquered Lover: Dr.'s REMEDY Giveaway!!!

Lacquered Lover: Dr.'s REMEDY Giveaway!!!: "Boy have I got a special treat for all my fellow lacquered lovers out there! The amazing people over at Dr.'s REMEDY Nail Polish are sponsor..."

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's a Scorcher out Here

Oh My's so hot today!!! I woke up this morning and read an article and started feeling really bad for the birds and other living creatures. It has not rained in a long time! It did rain a few weeks ago but unfortunately not enough. We have had this bird bath in our garage for a while now. When my husband got home, I told him that we needed to set it up. Even though I said we, I actually meant him and Alex. I took pictures in order to capture the memory:) Alex did such a good job assembling it. He's such a good helper!! We set it under our tree which gives us a perfect view. We also put a few seeds in a Terra cotta planter. Hopefully the birds or other winged creatures will be able to cool off. So how's the weather in your part of town??

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Friday!!

I really have not been posting as much lately. I guess I just feel a little lazy. I'll tell you how my week went. My boy is now a yellow stripe in Taekwondo. Frank and I are so proud of him. I get teary eyed everytime I see him practice. I feel like cheering for him and yelling "Thats My Boy" but unfortunatlly they do not allow that. He is so amazing.
I am also doing more polymer clay stuff. I guess thats why my blogging has been placed in the back burner. I cant say its relaxing but it is fun and I love seeing the end product. I really enjoy it.
This manicure has been on my nails for almost the whole week. I purchased this Sally Hansen HD polish in DVD at Target about a week ago. I like the way it look when I use it alone. But I really love the way it looks when I sponge it on top of black nail polish. It looks amazing. These pictures do no justice for it.
I hope to get back on track with my blog, we'll see:)