Monday, April 22, 2013

Coupons I used @CVS for 4/22/13 $.65 OOP

Came in to the store with $5.00 ECB that were goin to expire tomorrow

Almay cotton swabs eye makeup remover $5.79 x 2=$11.58-$8.00 in Man.Coupon=$3.58-$3.00 CVS Coupon=$.58cents

Physician Formula concealer $6.29-$1.00 Man.Coupon=$$5.29-$3.00 off of $15.00 in cosmetics.With the Almay and Phys. Formula the total was $17.87 minus all the coupons was $2.87 total

$4.00 off Almay MC
$3.00  off Almay CVS Coupon
$1.00 off Phy Form
$3.00 off CVS coupon for cosmetics when you spend $15.00

Crest $2.99-.75 Man.Coup=$2.24

Schick Hydro Razor $12.49-$4.00 Man Coupon=$8.49-$8.00 CVS Coupon=$.49

Total OOP-$.65!!!!!!!!
$13.00 ECB!!!!!

$4.00 ECB for Almay

$2.00ECB for Crest

 $7.00 for Phys.Formula

Let me know if you have any questions


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yarn Haul!!!

If you don't know already, crocheting has become my latest and greatest obsession! I love crocheting. It is so relaxing and amazing what your hands and a ball of yarn can create. If you have instagram please follow me; I post all my projects there. 
I was at Wal-Mart yesterday to get an eye exam and had 30 minutes to kill. I picked up these pretty colors. I purposely did not grab a buggy because if I had, I would have gotten more than my hands could have carried.

Red Heart Super Saver
Bright Yellow 7oz


Red Heart Super Saver
Pretty N' Pink 7oz


Red Heart Super Saver
Dark Orchid 7oz
This is such a pretty deep purple. Its just so beautiful.


Red Heart With Love
Boysenberry 7oz
$3.47(or $3.74 i cant remember which was the right price)
I have never tried With Love but it is so soft.


Red Heart With Love
Berry Red 7oz
$3.47(or $3.74 i cant remember which was the right price)


Red Heart With Love
Navy 7oz
$3.47(or $3.74 i cant remember which was the right price)
If you are familiar with the Red Heart Super Saver Navy, it is  a little stiff. This  RHWL is so much softer. I would pay that extra dollar for the softness


Lighted G-Hook
Hobby Lobby
I forgot the price but I would not have bought it without their 40% off coupon.  If you have a smart phone you can  go to their website and just show the clerk the coupon on your phone instead of printing it out.

I don't usually crochet in the dark but in those rare moments it helps a little. I still have to have a small lamp on to see  clearly. It also helps when I am crocheting with black or brown yarn,

This is what it looks like in complete darkness.
Pretty cool huh!!

I tried to get a better picture of the swatches so you could see how pretty the colors actually are.

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ELF Champagne Eye Primer & Naked Palette

Hope you can read upside down...if not this is the ELF Eyelid  Primer in Champagne

As you can see it is very shimmery. If you apply eye primer to your brows Do Not Use this one., unless you want shimmery brow. If that's the case,please send me a picture, cause I want to see♥




I did not like the primer at all. I used Buck as my lid shadow and  it shimmered way to  much. I did not put primer under my eye but some how my corner bottom lids were still shimmery. 

My finished look

Yes this is only $1.00 but I would rather not have gotten it. I should have grabbed a bag of Peanut M&M's♥

Friday, April 5, 2013

4 ELF Primers-Swatches

ELF Primers-$1.00 @ Food Town

My favorite ELF Quad
Day to Night $1.00 @ Food Town

Swatches w/o primer

Sheer Primer

Sheer Cover Primer-I think  I applied to much on my arm. It took a  seconds to dry . I let it set for about 1 minute then applied the eyeshadow. Of all the primers that I tested today, this one is my favorite. The primer blends in well with my natural skin tone.

Pearl Primer

This is what it looks like before applying  shadow-very sparkly!

I did not like this one to much. The shadow applied streaky and wasn't as smooth as the  Sheer Primer

Golden Primer

Swatch before shadows-very gold!!!

I like the way the first color and the last color of the  swatches look the best. I think it makes the bronziness stand out more. Maybe this primer would look better with golden tones to it.

                                                 Champaigne Primer

Swatch before shadow-I like the way this one blended well .Its a glittery and sparky color.It really has a strong scent to it too.

Swatch after shadow. Again this makes the first and last shadow pop more. Not  so much the 2 in the middle. It kind of dulls them.

Here is a look at my arm in different lighting

Different lighting

This is what the wands look like.

Over all the Sheer Primer is my favorite. I may try the champaigne and gold primer next time I wear  my Naked  shadows or browns.