Thursday, February 23, 2012

Epilating Underarms using Philps Satin Perfect Epilator

Left arm before

Left arm after

you can see some of the hairs pulled out

Tonight I decided to be brave and epilate my underarms. I knew it was going to hurt but kept telling myself  that it couldn't be that bad. Gosh was I wrong!! I was only going to take pictures to show but after the pain from doing my left underarm  first I decided to film myself doing my right arm. I almost did not even want to do it. I could actually hear and feel the hairs being yanked out of my skin. This is far worse that epilating your legs. This is also worse that waxing because when you wax they pull everything off in one pull. With epilateing each individual hair is pulled separately. This is very painful.I do not recommend this to anyone who is sensitive at all. I am not sensitive but honestly this hurts!! I am still going to use it though. If this decreases the growth of underarm hair than I am all for it. I know that the pain will decrease in time, To me the pain is worth it.
I am a BzzAgent and I received this product to test and review.
here is the link to my video


  1. I don see how using an epilator could be great forte underarms. At least for me. It's not good to have hair pulling out because it can cause ingrown hairs. Kudos for trying that sounds so painful!

  2. Hi Christina, thanks for the review. You are right when you first turn on the Satin Perfect, it is so loud. It's so intimidating. The underarms can be very painful at first. The pictures look great. Is it easy to do the underarms with this epilator? Which cap do you use for that area?

  3. Great review, Christina. Just watch your video. It's very painful for first time, Especially when you epilating your underarm.

  4. I can relate with you. It is true that epilator is very painful for the first time but when you constantly using this device you will be comfortable on the long run.


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