Friday, February 22, 2013

KleanColor-Neon Night Life Mini Collection

All my nails ended up breaking a few days ago:(
This is what my nails look like now. After removing the KleanColor nail polish, I noticed that it stained my nails. I had a feeling that was going to happen. I lightly buffed each nail to remove any remaining trace of color. As you can see it did not all go away.

Neon Night Life Mini Collection

I got it at Ross!

I decided to apply white nail polish before I used this nail polish for 2 reasons
1: Hopefully it does not stain my nails
2: To make color pop more

Color: Red
2 coats
applies evenly

2 coats
applies evenly

Neon Sapphire
2 coats
its really thick;make sure first coat is dry before applying  2nd coat

Neon Green
2 Coats
3 Coats is definitely needed achieve an even color

Has a air bubble that wont go away no matter how much I shake

Or turn

This color is very thick

Neon Purple
2 coats

Funky Yellow
I used 3 coats to make the dots

I used 1 coat to make the flower

Without top coat

After top coat

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

KleanColor-Blue Maniacs

A few weeks ago, I made a quick run to Ross while my husband went to a shoe store next door. I like going to Ross because they usually have a nice stock of nail polish. They carry brands like ELF, Sally Hansen, Revlon, KleanColor, Color Club, and a few others. I saw these cute little packs of KleanColor mini nail polishes and I had to grab all the colors they had. They were four different packages and all the colors looked really pretty. For $3.99 I could not pass it up. The first collection I am going to show is the KleanColor Blue Maniacs Collection
Blue Maniacs
World of Blues Nail Lacquer Mini Collection
0.17 oz each x 6

The names of the nail polishes are labeled on the back as well as the bottom of the bottles

♥Look How Tiny♥!!!

Blue Pearl
my least favorite because it really shows all the imperfections such as ridges, streaks and little air bubbles

Lake Mist
I really like this one. One coat is really all you need for each polish.

Very pretty color

Kawaii Stuff
my favorite one in the collection


Shining Sea on tips
All the colors are very pretty and apply smoothly. The smell is a little strong and might take a little a while to dry but if you use Seche Vite top coat then they dry in no time. I am not sure how long the sale last, but Sally's has a promotion on the Seche Vite,buy the Top Coat and get the base coat free. I believe their sales last all month long so its is probably good until the end of February.

Seche Vite
you can find this at Sally's Beauty Supply and CVS

Also wanted to send  a shout out to my dear friend  ♥ ♥for introducing me to my new favorite liquorice. This is so good! Even my son likes it. He tells me " Mom this is so good even though it gets stuck in my teeth". He asked me to get him his own bag next time I go to Target. You can find this in the Dollar Section at Target.
Target $1.00
Takes for stopping by and I will show the other collections I bought soon♥

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cafe Escapes BzzCampaign

Cafe Escapes BzzCampaign
I am a BzzAgent and I recieved this product free to test and review.

These are the 2 sample boxes I received in my BzzKit. Each box contained 2 samples for a total of 8 samples

 This box (left) contained 2 Cafe Vanilla and 2 Cafe Caramel. Unfortunately, I was unable to taste the Cafe Vanilla, my husband got to them before I had a chance to taste it. This is the first time he has tried any one of my Bzzkits before me. He usually doesn't touch my packages until after I take pictures or try them out first. He told me the Cafe Vanilla were delicious. As I am blogging, I am drinking Cafe Caramel, which is very delicious. What makes it even more delicious is that they are only 70 calories or less. Now I don't feel so guilty for having one tonight.  The box on the right contained Chai Latte, Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa and Cafe Mocha. Cafe Escapes are also Gluten free

I am so loving these high dollar coupons for the Cafe Escapes.I'm going to stick one in my husbands wallet. Suggested retail prices for the boxes of K-Cup packs are $8.48 (12-ct) $11.99(16-ct) and $17.49(24ct)

I really am enjoying my warm cup of Cafe Caramel. I think I will try the Chai Latte tomorrow.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

SheSpeaks-L'Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream Program

This product was given to me to test and review from SheSpeaks and Loreal Paris


The shade that I requested was medium. I was surprised to see how thin the constintancy was. I was also surprised that the color was white with little flecks of brown.

4 Beautifying Actions in 1:
Primes, Corrects, Hydrates, Perfect
Flawless bare skin finish

Innovation:Discover the first Magic BB Cream with beautifying beads encapsulated pigment infused in an ultra light lotion with antioxidant vitamin 1
Dermatologist tested,non-comedogenic, and doesn't clog pores

I liked how it blended easily on my hand. This is with flash.

This is without the flash. I can notice a slight change in the color of my skin and the BB cream

When I first used the Loreal Paris Magic BB Cream, I used it without applying a moisturizer on first. I did not like the way my face felt or looked. My face felt dry especially around my mouth and nose. Those are my 2 dry areas on my face. I have used another BB cream and my face felt moisturized without using a moisturizer first.
A few days later I used the Loreal Paris Magic BB Cream but  this time I applied my daily moisturizer and the results were very different. I liked the way it felt on my face. I liked how it brightened up my face. I did apply a finishing powder to set my makeup.

Moisturizer on before applying BB Cream

A small amount goes a long way. Very easy to blend.

After using Loreal Paris Magic BB Cream in medium

 After a full face of makeup

Overall I enjoy using the product. I think I will go for one shade darker if I decide to repurchase.