Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lancome Dream Tone Program from SheSpeaks

I received this complimentary product from SheSpeaks/Lancome

The tone I received was medium tone.
3 Shades available: Fair, Medium and Dark skin tones

Customized for fair skin tone

- Dark Spots
- Uneven Skin Tone
- Redness 2 
Customized for medium skin tone

- Dark Spots
- Uneven Skin Tone
- Sallowness

Customized for dark skin tone

- Dark Spots
- Uneven Skin Tone
- Acne & Blemish Marks

Twist the cap and pump

Very light weight 

Blends well into my skin

Started this product on 10/24/2013
My face before applying Lancome DreamTone in Medium

After first use

11/24/13 4 weeks later: before applying Lancome DreamTone
I have been using this product for 4 weeks.
I apply it in the morning before I moisturize and in the evening before going to bed an moisturizing again

4 Weeks later: After applying Lancome DreamTone
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Lancome DreamTone comes in 3 barely tinted serums to correct dark spots, color imperfection and uneven skin tones.
74% saw glowing skin immediately
70% noticed a more even skin tone in 7 days
69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced after 4 weeks
78% saw color imperfections reduced
Since I received Lancome DreamTone 2 I should have seen the reduction of  dark spots, uneven skin tome and sallowness.
Price $98.00

My thoughts: 
I like the way it feels on my skin. My skin did not feel like it had extra product on it.The Lancome DreamTone is so thin that applying my normal everyday moisturizer does not make my face feel overloaded with product.  It blended very well with my skin. The main thing that I noticed was that my face does appears brighter. I feel like I can use this alone with out applying a foundation and not feel like my face looks dull. It gives my face a nice glow.The dark spots do appear a  little lighter.I am definitely going to keep using this product for the remaining 8 weeks. I this is all the change I notice I will still be happy but wont purchase it in the future.

Thank you SheSpeaks and Lancome for letting me try this product.
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