Friday, June 24, 2011

L.A.Colors Nail Polishes-Swatches

Sea Siren

Nuclear Energy


Sparkling Diamonds

Sassy Sparkle

Glistening Purple

This actually looks better in person

Midway in cleaning my house today, I had to make up a little excuse to stop and get out of the house for a while. I have been having nail polish withdrawals. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply earlier this week but nothing caught my eye. I left the house work behind and took a little trip to the Family Dollar to see if I could find anything special. I also needed some bleach to finish my laundry. That is where I discovered these awesome nail polishes. They are by L.A.Colors Color Craze Nail Polish. They were only $1.00. Right now I am wearing the bright pink one which is Lightning.To make it brighter, I applied a coat of white nail polish before painting them. I was going to change it and try out the purple one, but when my husband saw it on me when he told me it looked "sexy". So this color might just stay on for a few more days. We'll see. I am no longer withdrawing as my fix has been fulfilled. Thanks for visiting me,

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