Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Milani Brow Fix Kit-Medium

I don't know about you, but I have some of the most unruly eyebrows ever. I recently went about a month without plucking them because I had over-plucked them and had to let them grow out again. That my friend was SCARY!!!!  I ended up having them threaded here at my local mall. I payed $15.00 and it gives me unlimited eyebrow threading for a month. Anyways, while I was going through growing out process, I need to find something to make my eyebrows look somewhat decent.. Unfortunately nothing really helped until I got my brows done. Here is what I use now.

my brows before using the Milani Brow Fix Kit

I bought this at Target for $6.49

the back gives you instructions on how to use it

Hi-Lite,light bow color 1 and light brow color 2

also includes tweezers, small brow brush and sponge applicator to apply the Hi-Lite and a little mirror

This is a mascara brush I cleaned. I just used a facial wipe and the mascara came off 

Jordana Brow pencil in Dark Medium

I lightly line the bottom of my brows with the pencil

I do the same with the top of my brows.

I also go over my arch and  draw my line just a little bit longer

I use the brow brush that came in the kit and use Brow 2 color first

I outline the line I previously made with the pencil with the powder and continue to  my arch and bottom half  of my brow

I grab Brow1 color next

I apply Brow1 only to the Beginning part of my brow up to  my arch

I just blend and blend and blend the colors 

I grab my spooly and brush my brows

Right side

left side

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in Medium Tan

I apply the lighter color under my brow and blend

Then I use my Hi-Lite

and apply it over the concealer

looks a little weird right now

Left side after eye make-up complete

Right side after eye makeup complete

Unfortunately they cant always look exactly the same because that would be impossible

but they look a whole lot better than before.

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