Tuesday, January 31, 2012

magnetiX Nail Polish

I was finally able to pick up this magnetiX nail polish from the ICING this past weekend. I have been looking for it for a while now. When I walked into the store, my first reaction was to look where the nail polish and makeup are displayed. I looked and looked and they were not there. I asked the sales lady and she told me that they were at the front register. There was not too many left. They had a bluish color, a purple/pink color and a green/yellow color. She told me that the blue color was really popular. I decided to get the purplish pinkish color and the greenish yellowish colors. I normally would not spend so much money on any nail polish but I had to give it a try. Plus my husband was generous to give me extra money to get what I wanted. Each one was $9.00 but they had a sale going on which was BOGO 50% off. This sale is usually always going on. Application is very easy. You apply one coat, let dry completely. Then apply a second coat generously. The top of the nail polish bottle is where the magnet is located. There are also little ridges to place your finger on that way the polish does not smear. It says to hold magnet on top of nail for 10 seconds but I held it for 20 seconds and kind of moved it around from side to side.Instructions are on the bottle as well. The outcome is so pretty. It really does look like magnetic waves on your nails. When I did my thumb I applied the second coat lightly and when I placed the magnet over it nothing happened. I guess you just have to put a good amount on the nail. Results will vary on each nail but I think it looks awesome.

click to watch tutorial


  1. Oh my gosh I really like that nail color. Its so awesome...though I only paint my toes, that would be so fun to put on!

    anyway the reason I am here lol - - I am honoring you with the Versatile Blogger Award. I was crowned with it and now am recrowning :)


    1. Thanks for the Honor Award,I'll be posting my recrowning today!!


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