Friday, March 2, 2012

Silver Lining ELF tutoriaal

ELF Silver Lining

This is my second quad from ELF. I bought this one from a grocery store here in town called Food Town. This was only a dollar. They don't have many quads but have alot of the dollar brushes.As a primary base I used the purple Maybelline Tattoo shadow. Honestly, I was a little disappointed with this Maybelline Tattoo. I was hoping for it to be a  more intense purple. I really like the Tough as Taupe Maybelline Tattoo. Its my favorite so far.Anyways, I used the purple shade of the ELF quad  and applied it over the purple tattoo. Then used the dark grey to outline my crease. I was only going to Burger King to meet up with a friend and her kids so this look was pretty intense for that occasion. Overall, I think the look would be great for a night out. I hope you get a chance to pick up this quad or any other ELF quad. I love all their product especially their brushes. Here is my link to the video.

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