Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good2Grow-BzzAgent Kit

Good2Grow BzzAgent BzzKit

I received this kit complimentary from BzzAgent to test and review.

 I received a coupon book for free refills and individual drinks. My package also contained a 6 pack or refills, 1 single serve and 3 character top caps. 

Scoobie-Do, Tinker Bell and Mike W. are only a few of the many different caps they have. to offer. Visit their character page to check them out!

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Each bottle has a protective cover. When I buy these individually I always twist off the cap to make sure the cover is still on and to make sure there are no leaks before leaving the isle. I buy my Good2Grow juices at my favorite Kroger Store.

100% Juice

These cute SippaTop bottle toppers are spill-proof. This is one of my favorite reasons to buy Good2Grow drinks. I don't have to worry about any spillage in my car. Especially since we usually have my sons sparring gear in the back seat. I really don't think his Taekwondo instructor would appreciate sticky gear on the mats.

The flavors come in Fruit Juice, Fruit and Veggie Blends and Organic. Each have a different value of nutrition., but each have No Sugar added, No GMO, No Artificial Colors, Flavors,  or Preservatives and are 100% fruit juices.

Alex giving a "Thumbs Up" for this awesome BzzKit. Thank you Good2Grow and BzzAgent

Favorite anytime drink!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set

Coastal Scents 22 Piece Makeup Brushes
This is the front of the case. It has Coastal Scents on its front cover

This is the back.
This case is not flimsy
Leatherine (artificial/imitation leather)  brush case

2 magnetic buttons to close the case

Side zipper

Flap to protect brushes from falling out

The first four brushes had a thicker plastic protective  covering. The others had a regular plastic wrap.

Large Fan Brush (Synthetic

From Left to Right: Powder Buffer, Flat Buffer and Round Powder Brushes

From Left to Right: Concealer, Foundation and Angle Brushes

Concealer brush-Nylon Hair
Foundation Brush is Fiber Hair
Angle Brush is Goat Hair

From Left to Right: Large Shadow, Blender and Doe Foot Blender

Doe Foot Blender is Pony Hair
Large Shadow and Blender Brushes are Pony Hair

From Left to Right: Dome Shadow, Medium Shadow and Dome Blender 

All are Pony Hair

From Left to Right: Detail Shadow, Pointed Blender and Detail Concealer

Detail brushes are pony hair and Concealer brush is Fiber Hair

From Left to Right: Smudger-Sponge-Rubber  , Lip Brush, Brow Brush

From Left to Right: Large, Small, and Medium Liner/Brow Brush
Nylon hair

I ordered this on a Friday and received it on a Tuesday. I bought it through IPSY. Regular price is $34.00 but IPSY had a sale on it for $20.00 and free shipping.
Ipsy is a $10.00 a month subscription delivered straight to your mail box. Each makeup bag has something beauty related especially picked for you. I love being a part of the IPSY community.
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