Friday, September 12, 2014

Vera Bradley Pleated Tote

Vera Bradley Pleated Tote
African Violet

Top zipper closure for extra protection

one big side zippered pocket

My tablet fits in perfectly

The side pocket is pretty deep as well

3 side pockets.  They are all the same size but unlike the Get Carried Away Tote. The pockets are not mirrored. So one zippered pocket on one side and 3 open side pockets on the other side.
Whats in my purse?
crochet hook
3 different colors of yarns
2 incomplete crochet projects
family size trail mix
kotex envelope
protein bar
personal size filofax
toilet paper

each side has a pocket 

I can fit 2 meal replacement shakes on one side

On the other side I can fit a  refillable water bottle and a small water bottle

This is so much better than the Get Carried Away Tote.  I think that one was more for travel.  Even though this bag is full, it does not feel heavy. I love it.

My husband was so kind enough to exchange my Get Carried Away Tote today.  I gave him the name of the tote that I wanted and the top 5 choices that I wanted him to get. My first choice was African Violet which the one he got.  This one is less expensive that the Get Carried Away Tote.  This was $68.00.  I love that it is full but not as heavy.  I think this is perfect for work and to take to my sons practice to carry my crochet stuff.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get Carried Away

My bag finally came in today.  I ordered to last Sunday and received it today which is Monday.  I love the color and pattern of the bag but it is way too big.  I think I would look ridiculous to use this as my everyday work bag.  This tote would be much better to use as a travel bag.

Huge box was left at my front door step

Nicely packaged with tissue and bubble wrap

Canterberry Magenta

 Get Carried Away Tote

Double straps with cushioned  adjustable pad

retail price $92.00

Pocket in the front and back

This is the envelop my invoice came in.  I used it to measure the length of  the pocket.  As you can see it is very deep. My tablet is easily  swallowed by it.

There is also side pockets on each side.  It is not as long as the front pocket but you can easily fit a  water bottle or even a Special K drink and a Red Bull in one pocket.

Zipper top closure

small gaps on each ends after it is zipped.

Vera Bradley tag

I just used the envelope and 2 cards that where inside the box to show how many pocket it has.  As you can see it has 3 pockets and 2 pen slots in each side of the tote.  So total 6 pockets and 4 pen slots in the tote.

I tried to get a good picture of the inside side pockets.  There is one on each end.  They also have a plastic lining to wipe it clean if it gets dirty.

This tote is so big I can easily fit my sons backpack and laptop.  I could probably fit our PS4 in it as well.

The bottom of the tote seems sturdy.  It feels like a thick cardboard,

Sadly to say I am definintly going to return this bag.  The color and pattern is perfect but just way to big for what I intended it to be used.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Funday

Hello Everyone!  Today all 3 of us managed to get out of the house despite of the rain.  We headed out to a furniture store to get a new bedroom set.  We have never really done anything special to our bedroom.  We are going to give it a little make over.  Our furniture won't be delivered until the end of September but that perfect because it gives us time to paint the walls.  We also walked around the mall and ate lunch there.  I stopped by the Vera Bradley store and looked at the bag that I ordered last night.  Oh my gosh, the bag is huge!!! I hope I can cancel the order before it ships out.  I saw one that was much smaller called the Tablet tote which is what I am going to get if I can cancel the order on time.  After the mall, we went to ULTA.  I wanted to buy a pressed powder but decided to keep using something my niece gave me instead and just buy a retractable kabuki brush.  I picked one up by Real Techniques.  I also bought a Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Jet Setter and a NYX Lip liner in Fuchsia.  Here are pictures of my stuff.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back for my next post.

Lorac Alter Ego
Jet Setter

Both the liner and lipstick are very pigmented
NYX lip liner: Fuchsia $3.49

Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Lazy Saturday

Today has been quite a lazy day for me.  I woke up super early (6:15am), which is the time I now wake up during the week.  Then Alex woke up too and we began to chitchat until Frank told us to go back to sleep.  I think I finally went back to sleep at about 8 then woke up again at 10:30.  We pretty much just lounged around the house.  Frank and Alex eventually headed out to the race track.  I really need to go to Sally's to buy hair color and I actually should get out of bed and start cleaning the house but I feel really lazy not sad lazy but I just want to lay in bed.
I really don't like to carry a purse to work so I have been using a cute bag my niece gave me from ULTA. It fits everything I need including my lunch and snack. I feel like I need something with a zipper for extra protection.  I kind of wanted a back pack from Vera Bradley.  I had my eye on the Ultimate Backpack in Raisin, but it seems too small for all the stuff that I carry.  So I decided on the Get Carried Away Tote in Canterberry Magenta.  This will be my first Vera Bradley purchase.  I hope its big enough to carry all my yarn and hooks.  I will post pictures when I get it.

This is the kind of day we are having. Cloudy and raining off and on

Too lazy to go outside to take the actual picture:/

This is the bag my niece gave me, which also came with a sample of Lorac Porefection.

This is what I carry to work
Personal Original Patent Filofax
Old Samsung Tablet
Hat in progress
Crochet hooks
I don't carry my wallet just my drivers license. 
I hope you all have a great weekend or a great 3 Day Weekend.   I posted earlier that I wanted to have a giveaway soon.  I am going to start buying a few things and start on a slouchy beanie for the giveaway.  I might post a video on Youtube but the giveaway will be on my blog.  If you haven't already, make sure to follow me here on my blog, youtube, and instagram (christinachains77). 
Be blessed!
Christina M.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Have a Job!

Hello everyone! I can officially state that I am now employed. I won't use the word "finally" because I actually enjoyed every single day that I spent unemployed. I loved being home watching my belly grow almost 8 years ago to watching my son get ready for 2nd grade this week.  I was not actually looking for work, although I have been praying for one that would let me work Monday through Friday and allow me to be home in time to make sure Alex got off the bus safely.  I've been praying that prayer for a "just in case" situation.  My husbands cousin opened up a party shop and asked me if I would be interested in working Monday through Friday from opening hours until my son got off of school.  How awesome is that!!  So yes I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.  It not only gets me out of my house but its starting to get me used to talking to people too.  My daily conversations are not all about Spongebob and Minecraft and Stampycat.  I love it and feel incredibly blessed for my job and hope to continue this journey for a long time.
I'm just going to show some snippets of my day today.  I forgot to mention my job is literally one full song away from my house or about 5 minutes away from my house!! God is Good!

I had to move the computer system to the front of the store.  I  took this picture to remind me where to plug in the  cords after everything was moved.

This is a tubing and base that needed to be glued to make a center piece.

These are the bases that I needed to do.

Completed bases

Prepping cement.  This caused me so much stress.  I apparently used to much water for the concrete.  Last thing I want to do is ruin these things. After removing some of the water, I think I got it to the right constintensy. 

Bases were now filled with concrete. My prayer for today is that they harden!!

How much is that baby in the window? Asked one customer.
Lastly I tried my hardest to figure out how to work this Silhouette Cameo .  I'm going to try again tomorrow with card stock paper.  I hope to figure out how to use it soon because it looks like we will be able to do a lot of cool stuff with it.