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Garnier B.B.Cream-BzzCampaign

The box my package came in. Delivered through regular mail and fits in standard size mailbox

Full Size 2.5 fl oz tube
shade: Medium/Deep

5 coupons

information packet

before photo
clean face

after photo
I love how my face looks. It has a really nice glow to it. It also looks really natural. My skin tone looks even.Applying the B.B.cream is quick and mistake proof. Just apply it with your fingers. No need for fancy brushes or sponges. I applied starting at my forehead and worked myself down to my neck. This provides protection with SPF15 and covers and corrects blemishes or spots you may have.

I will be turning 35 years old in a few month, if this is going to help my skin looking radiant, I am going to continue to use this.

I received this product complimentary from BzzAgent to test and review. These are my honest opinions

What is B.B.Cream.
B.B. stands for Beauty Balm. This has been popular in Asia since 2006. Although it was created by a German dermatologist in 1960. Garnier is the first to introduce B.B. cream in the mass market making it affordable to everyone.  You can easily find this at Target and Wal-Mart for about $12.99. I always see coupons for Garnier in the Sunday papers as well.
The Garnier B.B. cream contains moisturizers with Vitamin C and Mineral Pigments which gives your skin a smooth,even,and healthy glow. It did not feel greasy or oily at all. It does not feel heavy or caked on your face. After the first use, my husband even noticed. He said "wow babe, you look pretty". I have to agree, I thought so too:) Another great thing about this is that it only comes in 2 shades,Light/Medium or Medium/Deep. No more guessing or trying to match which shade is right for you by testing on your chin or wrist. I love that!! You can also reapply the cream as needed. I think this is a great product to have handy in your purse. It covers up quickly and  makes your skin look flawless. I love it!

Here is my video for more info.
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