Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Green Giant Veggie Chip Snacks-Bzzagent Campaign

I am a Bzzagent and I received these products and coupons to test and review for free.
This is what came in my BzzAgent kit.
2 full size bags of chips, 4 samples size and coupons
I did not get a chance to post the Sweet Potato with Sea Salt bag, but it was so good.  
This is a full size bag of Veggie Tortilla  Zesty Cheddar Chips
17 g of whole grain per serving. At least 48g of whole grain recommended daily
 30% Less Fat than regular potato chips

Each full size bag also has a Box Top!!! Another great reason to buy these chips. I satisfied my craving for chips and helped my sons school earn money with the Box Tops!!

Alex enjoying the Sweet Potato chips. He prefers cheesy and puffy chips but he sure loved these!

Zesty Cheddar- I did not like this one as much, I preferred the
Sweet Potato Sea Salt. I could have eaten the whole bag myself.
 Overall, I think this was a great snack for my whole family to enjoy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Today I decided to head to Walgreens to use my $10 RR from 2 weeks ago. They were going to expire tomorrow. I had my list and coupons ready.

As you can see, I only wanted to pay $1.25 OOP give or take taxes. I went to the Walgreens that is literally 2 minutes from my house and the only thing that was available was the tampons. I put those away and headed to the Walgreens that is about 10 minutes away and found the tampons and  Breathe Right. I saw that they were putting away merchandise. I asked a gentleman if the Calagel had come in and he told me to come back later. I really did not want to come in later. I let a few minutes go by and I asked a female associate and she opened a box and found exactly what I needed. Not to mention she was super friendly. Anyways, I ended up finding everything that was on my list. When I got ready to check out, the tampons rang up $1.99 and not $1.49. The clerk said he would adjust it but was not sure if the RR would print out. He also said that if it did not print out he would return the item for me. So he rand up my purchase and my total was $1.27. I ended up returning the tampons because the RR did not print out. I got back $1.61. I guess the tampons were for the variety pack. I will have to go back this evening and see if they have them stocked up. Overall I spent $0.00 and made $9RR for the Breathe Right and Calagel.