Monday, February 28, 2011

So this is my new nail polish rack that I made. About a year ago I got tired of seeing our DVDs stacked on this rack. I bought some "suit cases" from Ross and decided to put them in there. I bought a medium sized one for my sons movies and a bigger one for my husband and my movies. I put the rack upstairs in a pile that needs to be donated. Some how it ended up in our "exercise room". While I was trying to work up a sweat on the treadmill, I decided to use that DVD rack as a nail polish rack. I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a piece of foam board for $1.99. I already had the knife and material to cover the board. I had a old twin sheet set and used that to cover the board. I really like the end result. It seems sturdy enough to hold the polishes pictured. I wouldn't mind buying another one. During my weekly search on Craigslist, i found quite a few for less than $10.00. As always if you do find one on Craigslist, please be safe. I always meet the seller at a local store like Walgreen's in broad daylight or my husband goes with me. Well I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Contest Time!!!-Prizes Revised

Sally Hansen Salon Effects-Cut It Out

Mixed Shapes Rhinestones

Oil Blotting Sheets

5x2 way Dotting Tool Set

Elf Natural Lash Kit
 Today is the official day of my YouTube Give Away/Contest. If you read my previous post regarding the prizes, please disregard that. The products I bought still have not come in. Apparently they got lost in the mail. One company already refunded my account but I am waiting for the other to still refund my money.  The above pictures will be gifts that one random subscriber will be given. The contest is open to everyone-everywhere.
Rules:-Must be a subscriber to my YouTube Channel-OUGT12
           Must like my video
           Must be 18 or older or have parents permission if under 18
           Must Comment on my channel the first BEAUTY video you saw on YouTube-it could be the persons name,channel,or what it was about.
           Contest will end March 26,2011 at 11:59pm CST
           One Winner will be chosen
The pictures below will be the bonus gifts if the YouTube winner is also a subscriber/follows my blog. All you have to do is comment on this video your YouTube name. 

2packs of Bubble White Nail Cleaner-Artifial and Natural Nails


Perfect Fit Artificial Nails

Practice Finger

Femme Couture-Creamy Pink lip gloss

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Konad M60

I tried out my new nail polish that I just bought this past weekend at the swap meet. Its a pearly purple color by AL Nail Polish. I like the way the bottle looks especially the top. The smell is so strong though. It smells like those big fat black permanent markers. You know that funky smell. I applied 3 coats and it went on a little streaky. That is why I decided to use a Konad full image plate instead of the Bundle Monster full image plate. If you don't know yet the BM full image designs are not as wide as the Konad images.I used the Konad special nail polish in dark purple and finished off with Seche Vite clear coat.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Week So Far.....

 Sunday we went to our local swap meet/flea market and I picked up these goodies. The brand is NL Nail Polish. They are DBP,Toluene and Formaldehyde Free. They have no names on the bottle but say they have natural pearl for improved application and wear ability. I'll do a review on them later. They were each $1.50. I also picked up these 3 lovely pendents. I made a ring with the butterfly pendent. It's so pretty. I love it.I'm also trying to make jewelry and these are the first 2 necklaces I made. I bought everything at Hobby Lobby. I really like the way these metal chains look. I added and owl charm to the metal silver necklace. This is super basic and if I can do it, I'm sure anyone can. I'm hoping to buy more jewelry making items to make more things.

This is my son Alex and his story-time teacher, Mrs. Charlotte. We have been going to story time with her since he was about two years old or maybe a few month younger. Yesterday was her last day. It was very sad to know that we wouldn't be seeing her for story time. Alex will miss her so much. She was his favorite Liberian. He was so sad to see her go. She was the best.

This is the project I am working on right now. As you have seen, my husband bought me a nail rack a few weeks ago. I really like it alot. I still need more space to fit all my nail polishes. I was upstairs a few days ago and noticed a DVD rack that was on top of the pile of stuff that needs to be donated. Then a light bulb went on on top of my head. "Why don't I turn this into a nail polish rack. I'm taking pictures of this step by step as I go and will try to post a video on my YouTube Channel.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday at Hong Kong Market

Todays manicure-AustinTacious Turquoise
 I am so livid right now!!! All my pictures got that I took at The Hong Kong Market got deleted!!!! I cant believe it!!!!
I love this place because it feel like you are in a different country.  I picked up these two deliciouse cookies. The Hello Kitty cookies are like Piroutte's from Peppridge Farm.They are divine!! The other little container have little cookie sticks that you dip in chocolate.YUMMY! I also picked up these China Glaze polishes for only $4.00.  I have been looking for Let's Groove for the longest time. Its a pretty shimmery purple color. I was so excited to get this one. Another one that I really liked was Emotion. Its a shimmery nail polish from the Romantique collection. The last one is Cherish, also a shimmer from the Romantique collection. I love them and feel blessed to have gotten them. They also had a awesome nail rack, but I'll have to wait for that one. We also shared a tapioca strawberry drink.It took a couple of sips to get used to swallowing the lil balls but it tasted good. My son and husband didnt like it too much.
After that we went to eat at Pei Wei. I wish had the pictures to share:( I can't believe how big my baby is getting. He ate his whole meal with his chopstick. I was very impressed
On the way home, we went to the cemetary to visit my father in law. He passed away in december 2010. I miss him so much.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anchors Away

Sinful Colors-Why not

Color Club-??

Bundle Monster 18

Bundle Monster-08 and 18

This evening my sister in law (sis) suprised us with an awesome dinner from Antonios Italian restaurant. It was Yummy! After that wonderful meal, I went ahead and finished my manicure that I started on earlier today. Please forgive the messyness ( nail polish on skin and cuticle). To achieve this beautiful blue color I used Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Why Not. I applied 3 coats to achieve this color. Two coats would have been enough, but I tried one more to see if there was a difference in color. The color applied smoothly without any streaking. On my right hand, I used BM18 to apply the image on my tips. I'm not very good at applying the tips on my right hand. But like they say "practice makes perfect".  If I can manage to get this tips straight,they would look really pretty. On my left hand, I applied one coat on Color Club glitter polish. I dont't know the name of this one. I bought it in a set at Ross. I love the end result of the one coat of the glitter over the Sinful polish. I applied an anchor image on the nails and it reminded me of the ocean with an anchor in the bottom. I'm gonna have to stop here,since I have my nephews over for the night.Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Manicure Win/Fail!!

Revlon Make Mine Mango


Bundle Monster 16

No flash

 Saturday morning I grabbed my coupon binder and headed to Target and made my rounds towards the  beauty clearance section. I was able to pick up this Revlon Make Mine Mango nail polish for only$.52 cents. Yes, you read correctly! I had a coupon for $1.00 off Revlon nail color. For that price I couldn't pass it up. It a pretty creamy coral color. To achieve this color, I applied 4 coats of nail polish. I used my Seche Vite fast dry top coat. It gave it the perfect shine. It even made my short nails look pretty.
I used Bundle Monster 16 to stamp on the images. I keep using my Konad special polish in black because I know that it works well with these plates. The images on this plate are so much thinner that the Konad images. I had a real hard time trying to get the image stamped on correctly. On my left hand, I used floral patterns that I was able to stamp on twice to get the full nail covered. One my right hand, I used a zebra print, which I loved. But again, I Failed at getting a full stamp on my nail. I ended up smearing the design:(.  The checkered pattern was pretty as well but again it was another Fail:(. The last one I tried was another floral patter which was cute,but couldn't get the full image on right......Fail:(  All in all this is a really pretty plate, I just wish the images were wider.
Next time, I will leave this Make Mine Mango nail polish without design. Its pretty as it is-Win!!!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today was a fun filled day!

My first pair of earrings I made.

Zebra Pony-Tail holder

Bundle Monster 17

Houston We Have A Purple- OPI-Texas Collection (4coats)

Today Alex and I woke up on time to head out to the library for story time. I picked up 3 books and hopefully I read them. I want a book that will make me laugh,cry,get mad,and end with a happy ending. So if you know of one please leave me a comment.
I have been having the urge to start making jewerly. A couple of weeks ago, I found some earring hooks and loop rings on clearance. I also found the charms that would match the hooks on clearance. Total, I spent about $3.00. Today I decided to make me some earings. It was fun and I liked the finished result. I hope to make more. I use an unfinished scarf as my jewerly holder. The little hole are perfect to hold earings. To hang my necklaces I use a bobby-pin to hang it to the scarf. Its very convient and easy to choose what I want to wear for the day.
I also made my "princess" niece this zebra print pony-tail holder. Since I have no little girls, she is my little model and will get every bow I make. I hope she doesn't get tired of them!!!
Last night I painted my nails Houston We Have a Purple by OPI. I used 4 coats total to achieve this color. I used my Seche Vite top coat to speed the drying time since I was going to bed right after painting them. I really like this color. It so pretty. Today I added the Bundle Monster Plate 17 to the tips. The only image I did'nt do was the shooting hearts. My favorite design was the checkerds on my pinky and scroll design on my wedding finger. All the images are pretty and transfer very well when I used Konad special polish in black.
Thanks for stopping by my page. Goodnight!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

This is a nail polish rack my husband bought me. Totally unexpected. I have been wanting one for a while now. I've looked around different stores trying to find something that I can use to hold my polishes. As always, Im usually to frugal to buy it. Frank ordered this for me from Hollywood Beauty Supply (800-282-8668) for $27.00. The shipping was $10.90. He ordered this on 2/8/11 and I received it 2/14/11. It was suppose to be delivered 2/10/11 but due to bad weather delivery was rescheduled.
The rack is chromed finished. It has 6 rack. The sign was included. The sign is a sturdy alluminum finish. Each rack holds 15-20 polishes depending on the shape and size. Total polishes pictured was 100 bottles. I did have to force some nail polishes (finger paints and some china glaze) in because of the height. It seems like every other shelve is a little higher than the other. The rack came with 4 nails. To feel more safe, I may use more nails. It super heavy so make sure to nail to wall before putting the nail polishes in the rack. I hope this rack last a long time,because I really like it alot. I posted a video on my YouTube channel if you would like to take a look at it. As always thank you so much for stopping by.

Shattering with Texas OPI Collection

Applied Black Shatter over the 3 sponged OPI colors

Sponged all 3 colors together

Austin-tatious Turquoise
Cowgirls love this
bodacious blue-green

Guy Meets Gal-veston
An “engaging” coastal coral

Houston We Have a Purple
A galactic red-violet that’s
ready to “rocket roll”!

OPI Black Shatter
This was my wonderful Valentines gift given to my by my lovely husband and wonderful son. Im not the type of girl that loves flowers and candy and a fancy dinners for Valentines. Yes, I did appreciate them when my husband and I where younger and we didnt have a child. But now I would rather celebrate with a nice home cooked dinner and just being happy together.  And not have to stress of getting to a decent restaurant early enough to avoid the long wait.I have been wanting the Black Shatter Polish for a long time and I finally got it. I love it!!!! They also gave me 3 colors from the Texas Collection which I also love. These are really pretty colors to add to your collection. I will always keep these bottles even if I use the colors all up. Well I hope you have a awesome Valentines Day weather you are with someone or just hanging out with friend or by yourself, remember You are Loved!! Be Blessed!! Jesus Loves You and so do I!!