Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Second Favorite Fast Dry Nail Top Coat

This is today's manicure. I used a color by Borghese which I bought from Ross a few month ago. It was only $1.99. I have seen them at Walgreen's for over $5.00.  To stamp, I used Emotion by China Glaze. I love the way this color looks when I use it to stamp.This is one nail polish that I would highly recommend when doing stamping nail art.  I used BM plate220.  The pattern is a nail tip design which is slanted. I did both hands with it. I think I did it wrong on all the fingers except the pinkie. That was the only one that looked good. I had a few free hours tonight while my husband took my son to get a haircut. I decided to paint my nails again. This time I used this yellow color by Sinful Colors.Its called Unicorn. The color looks so pretty. I did have to apply 3 coats to get a smooth finish. It still looks a little bit streaky but not to noticeable. I did not want to apply it to thick because I did not want it to take forever to dry. I was going to stamp a design,but I love the way it looks that I decided to leave it as it is.
I am running out of my favorite fast dry nail polish which is Seche Vite. Its a little pricey, so I only get it when its on sale. I have a Nail Magic Fast Dry Nail polish that was just sitting on my table. I decided to use that today. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that it works really good. Its almost as good as the Sech Vit (not sure if I am spelling that right). The dry time was quick. I really like it. After I use the Seche Vite and give it a few minutes to dry; my nails feel really smooth and slick. With the Nail Magic my nails felt smoothe too but not as slick. That is the only difference that I notice between the two polishes. I hope that makes scence. You can find this at your local Sally's Beauty Supply. I think I got it free when I bought the Nail Magic Base coat. Let me know whats your favorite fast dry nail polish.Thanks for stopping by.

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