Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackling Overcoat Nail Polish


To my surprise, I found Sally Hansens Crackling Overcoat nail polish at Walgreen's. It was a little pricey for me. It retail for $6.99. As usual, I forgot my coupon. I was just going to get some Benydryl so I left my coupon binder at the house. I had a coupon for .50 cents off. Even with the coupon, it is still a little bit pricey. But I wanted to add it to my collection of crack/shatter polishes. Now I have 3, black, grey, and purple. I think that is all I need. I might try and get a white one. The SH crackle overcoat can be applied thin or thick. Either way looks good. The only difference is the drying time. When you apply a thick coat the color is much darker. Check out my YouTube video if you get a chance.
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  1. loooove the purple I only have pink and black right now :)

  2. I should give the sally hansen crackle a try. Thank you for the review.


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