Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fever and Dreams

I was able to do this design right before I got sick. I thought it would be cute for mothers day or a day of shopping. The thumb and index finger are from konad and the others are from bundle monster. I love the shoes. Its actually a full image plate but i just stamped one shoe. If you want to know what plates i used comment below.
Being sick on mothers day weekend is not what I was hoping for at all. I did mention to my friend that a great mothers day gift would be to just have a whole weekend to myself. But this is not what I hoped for. I'm sick and alone. My son and frank are doing guy stuff in the garage. I'm here on the couch watching Meet the Parents.
I was telling Frank that I always have the same dream when I have a fever. I remember when I was a little girl I always dreamt that cemented stick figures would try to run me over with big concrete wheels;and I would get chased around with big syringes. I hated that dream.  Now i dream that my arms and legs are covered in concrete and I am trying to lift them up. It's weird. Frank tells me he doesn't remember any of his dreams. He was sick too but cant tell me what he dreamt. Do you have the same dreams every time you get the fever?

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