Saturday, March 26, 2011

BzzAgent-Loreal Paris The One Sweep Eyeshadow and Double Extend Eye Illuminator Review

Loreal Paris-One Sweep Eyeshadow Playful for Brown Eyes

Instrucion on back

Loreal Paris Double Extend Eye Illuminator in Black Quartz for Brown Eyes

Step 1

Step 2

Right Eye

Left Eye

  I am affiliated with BzzAgent. These products were given to me to review and express my own personal opinions through word of mouth. The One Sweep Eyeshadow by Loreal Paris retails for $9.95. The color I received was Playful for brown eyes. The mascara I received was the Double Extend Eye Illuminator in Black Quartz. It retails for $10.95.  I'm sure many of you have seen advertisements in magazines or television for these products.
  I am going to start with the eyeshadow first. At first glance the product seems awesome. Who wouldn't like to save an extra 5 minutes putting on eyeshadow or making sure that you blended all your colors evenly to not look like a clown. The eyeshadow came nicely packaged. It has a mirror inside the 3 shade palette and a sponge applicator that looks like it would cover your eyelid with product. The pictured instructions are adhered to the back. It show you how to apply to the right eye and left eye. The colors for the brown eyes are a purple tone, grey tone and pinkish tone. They are all shimmery.  The application was very easy but I wish the colors where more pigmented. I even had primer on my lids. The eyeshadow did not cover my whole lid. It only did half at the most.  It did not reach my brow bone at all. It did not apply evenly like the pictures in the magazines show. Even after a few coats, the color still wasn't dark enough for me. For almost $10.00, I don't think I would buy this product. I would rather spend the extra 5 minutes blending my eyeshadow with my everyday eyeshadow brushes.
 Now for the mascara.To begin with, my eyelashes are super short. This mascara is something that I really liked. It did lengthen my lashes. It did not make them fuller but that was not what it was being advertised for. After applying 2 coats of Step 1 my lashes looked really pretty. After Step 2, my eyes looked brighter. I did not look as sleepy/tired anymore. Step 2 has these little bronzy pearls that really make your eyes stand out. I love it. If it would make my lashes look fuller I would most definitely buy this product.
 For more information about BzzAgent go to Thank you BzzAgent for allowing and giving me these products to review.

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