Monday, March 14, 2011

Room Make Over part 2

Plain wall
Black wall
Sponged Paraid Red
I really wanted my room to look like nothing I have ever had. Growing up my room was always a pink color. I hated it!! Once I got my own room, my dad painted it purple, which is my favorite color ever. It's crazy how I came back to pink. This pink is in between a red and pink. It's very pretty. Frank painted the back wall black. When he finished that I started sponging the pink color over it. Frank painted the rest of the walls.  We finished a little after midnight. When we woke up to look at it, it was kind of blotchy. So we headed out to Lowe's to buy one more gallon of pink. He said we probably should have put primer on the walls first. After the second coat, everything looked perfect. We then hung up the head board after the paint was completely dry.
Thanks for stopping by my page. I'll show you what else we did tomorrow!!

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