Sunday, March 13, 2011

Room Make Over Part 1

My boring room
Bed Cover over ply-wood

Frank pulling and stapling

Bed cover trimmed
Zebra print material over ply-wood-Head Board Complete
We have lived in our home for about 7 years. My husband has his garage which is "his". I don't go in there unless I really have to. Nothing that belongs to me is in there. He has it set up and organized to his liking.  It's all his. My son has "his" rooms. He has his bedroom and game room. I have my room too, but unlike theirs, it was not painted......just plain and boring.
Our friend who was staying with us finally got his situation solved to I was now able to use my room again. Frank asked me if I wanted to paint my room and I said yes!! I was so excited. The bed that I have in there did not have a head board. I decided to make one, with the help of Frank of course. I bought 2 yards of zebra print material from Hobby Lobby which cost $9.00. We went to Lowe's and bought ply-wood for about $13.00.  Frank cut the wood to the size of the material minus 4 inches to allow for overlap. To give the wood a little cushion, I used an old bed cover to cover the wood. We pulled and stapled the cover over the wood and cut the excess.  We then laid the zebra print material and did the same. And there we had it, for less than $25.00, my new head board!
Frank was awesome for helping me. He is the best ever!! I love him so much!!
I will post tomorrow about the painting of my room.

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