Friday, March 11, 2011

My Loves
This is a project I am starting on. I found this piece of board in my mother in laws garage while my husband and I were fixing it up last week. My father in law was a carpenter who passed away in December 2010. I saw this in the garage and I didn't want it to go to waste. I asked Frank if I could have it. He said yes so we brought it home. I want to make it to a shelve. I painted one side black with acrylic paint. Then I sponged it with this pinkish reddish color. I actually got this sample of paint for free from Lowes during a promotion. After I paint my room I will attach it to the wall and add a cute little lamp.
Cork Board-Target $2.50
Today at target I found this cork board for $2.50. The frame was already black and I just sponged it with the same paint. I then hot glued a piece if zebra print ribbon to hang it. This will also go up after I paint my room.
I can't wait to start painting. I hope to show you more pictures soon.
I haven't had the time or space to change my nails as often as have been wanting to this week. I had bought these nail polishes a couple of weeks ago and decided to try them out. The brown shade is by Sinful Colors called Nirvana. I like the way the color applies. I used three coats and if you notice on the first pictures the nice shine it has even without a top coat. I did not like this color on my skin tone to much. It made my hands look gloomy.  I grabbed my Wet n Wild Hannah Pinktana and applied 1 coat over the Nirvana. The pictures give it no justice. I thought this was an odd color combination but in the sun the polish really does look pretty.
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