Monday, March 21, 2011

Reveal Spray Mop-A Clean House is a Happy House!!

Reveal Spray Mop

Pad attaches with velcro base.
I have been wanting to try this mop out for a long time. It was on sale last week at Target for $20.00. I did'nt have time to pick it up then. This weeks sunday newspaper had a coupon for $3.00 off. After the coupon, I payed $20.00 and some change.
I can not stand for my house to be dirty or too messy. I firmly believe God blessed us with this house. And I'm going to take care of it because He gave it to us. I dont mind my sons toys in the game room or a few more toys in the living room. I can tolerate that, but having dirty floors, a yucky bathroom, or dirty sinks gross me out! Ok enough of that rant. On with this review of this Awesome Mop
The mop is a Reveal Spray Mop by RubberMaid. It comes with a refillable bottle and one microfiber cleaning pad. The base is super wide and it swivels.It allows you to get into that space between the wall and the toilet bowl and around the toilet bowl too!! All you do is fill the bottle up with water then add cleaner. It sure is going to save me money with the cleaner part because you dont need to add so much. Sometimes I get carried away and add a lot into the bucket when I am using a regular mop. After you attach the bottle, you are now ready to mop. You just squeeze the trigger and a spray of water/solution mix comes out and you mop that area. Drying time is so much faster too. It picks up dirt from the floors easliy. I love it!! No more mops for me. I think this is better that the Swifter because you dont have to spend more money buying refill pad because the microfiber cleaning pad is reusable after being washed. I had a Shark too but it broke last year. I almost like this better than the Shark too because it is cordless. Although I did like the steam from the Shark. But all in all I love my new Reveal Spray Mop. I totally recommend it!!


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  1. Hey hun,
    Thanks for coming by my page. I know I have seen those mops and forever wanted to test those out. Thank you for the review!


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