Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Simple Spa Wax

As Seen in Allure magazine April 2011

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Wax before melted

Melted Wax-I moved the bottom to the top and top to the bottom

Wax applied to small section-No wax strips needed!!!

It pulled out a lot of hairs!!

This is what I used to do my lip--I promise I am not as hairy as Chubaka
I have been seeing a lot of ads for the Sally Hansen Simple Spa Wax Warmer Kit. I have been using a product called Moom. I bought it at Marshall's for $9.00. It came with a big roll of reusable wax strips.  I only waxed my upper lip and nothing else. Since I was the only one using waxing,I did not mind reusing the strips.  There were a few things that I liked about it. The price was great for it. The reusable strips were great too. All you had to do was rinse them with warm water and let air dry. The container was small and easy to store. The things I did not like about it was that I had to wax sometimes the beginning of the week and end of the week. I'm not Chubaka or anything but the strips sometimes would not pull all the hairs out. I also did not like having to get out of the shower then walking to the kitchen to warm the wax up. I like to have a little privacy and I would get embarrassed when Frank would see me warming up the wax. After seeing the advertisement for the Sally Hansen wax, I knew I had to have it. I searched Target and nothing. CVS and Walgreen's nothing. Finally I went to WalMart and there it was. It cost $20.00---yikes!! I could not believe I payed that. But being a one income family, I figured it would pay it self off after 2 waxes. The instructions said it takes 25 minutes to warm up after you plug it in. I don't know if it was because this was my first time using it, but mine took about 40 minutes. It did not melt completely,but i just moved it around till I was able to get to the melted part. Application was easy. The instructions stated that using talcum powder helped with making sure all the oils were off your face. I applied the wax over the powder in small sections. It really did not hurt at all. The most painful spots were in the middle section of the upper lip. That was a little painful. It removed so much more hair that the Moom wax. This wax system doesn't even require waxing strips which is awesome. All you do is apply the wax, let it cool of for a few seconds, then pull. Easy!! I love this.I think this is totally worth it. I totally like this because you can just plug it in before you shower and wax as soon as you get out. No more going to the kitchen with wax in hand:)

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  1. this sounds wonderful but can it be used on bigger parts of the body like legs,arms,and underarms


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