Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My First Time.............with John Frieda

I received this free product coupon in the mail about 2 weeks ago. Value up to $12.00

I choose this color 4R Dark Red Brown

My natural hair color is super dark brown.I have some reddish on the bottom from about 6 months ago

I applied this oil on my face,back of neck and ears to prevent getting blotches on my skin

Contents in box

After I apply color to my hair, I like to cover my hair with a plastic bag to keep heat in and to prevent messes

Each bottle is numbered in order of use

I poured bottle number 2 into bottle number 1

I tilted bottle 5 times.It doesn't look like much but believe me it is plenty!! Don't shake the bottle, I was extremely tempted to shake!!

Squeeze bottle to get product out, don't try to pump it!

Nice and foamy!!

Yup, this is the outcome after applying product. I made a few little hair styles for my son to laugh at before applying the bag over my head. Thanks Alex for taking this picture:)

I just used a regular plastic bag from the stores

This is me about to rinse my hair. As you can see, I have color on my forehead. It came off while rinsing my hair!!

My hair after drying. It look nice and shiny. I love the subtle color.

My wonderful husband even noticed. He loved it.

I used this styling spray before blow drying. It gave my hair volume! I love it. This is my first time using John Frieda products! I think I am hooked!!

I have been coloring my own hair since I was about 18 years old. I started using the brand my sister used and since her hair looked pretty, I used the same. I stayed loyal to that brand but tried different types of the brand. I have always been the type to try different thing with my hair. I always thought its just hair,it will grow back. Lately though,that has changed. For some reason, I have been so scared to color my hair. I know that it needs to be colored but I just did want to do it. A few weeks ago a coupon from John Frieda came in the mail. It said "here is a free gift for you". Inside was a coupon for a free box of hair color. The coupon was about to expire so I headed to CVS to get the color. Since they had a sale on John Frieda products I also bought  a styling heat spray since a coupon was attached to the bottle. I was not to sure about using the hair color  because I had never tried John Frieda products. I have to say, I am so grateful for the coupon. This foam color is so easy to apply. Not only that,the smell is not as strong or harsh as other products. It is also so easy and quick to rinse off. Usually after washing my hair after coloring it it feels stiff even after using the conditioner in the box. The John Frieda conditioner that was provided made my hair soft and manageable. I used the heat spray before blow drying my hair and my hair looked so pretty!! I colored my hair before going to bed and there was no unpleasant smell like their usually is when I color my hair. Thank you so much John Frieda for giving me the coupon.


  1. Now I want to try it!!! Great review!

  2. Your hair looks beautiful. Great color. I love the john frieda line.

  3. Oh yeah Christina I forget to ask if you could follow my blog too.

    1. Ok, my picture should be on your following list, if not let me know:)


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