Monday, January 16, 2012

Paris Nail Polish Swatches set 2

the blue polish on my thumb is from the first set I bought.

Last week on the way to taking my son to practice, we had a few minutes to spare, so we headed to Marshalls. I haven't bought new nail polish in a long time! I was in desperate need of new polishes. I saw that they had a collection called Paris Nail Lacquers. They came in a package of 4 and the bottles were so cute. The colors were so pretty. One caught my eye because it was a really nice lilac color. It reminded me of my wedding dress. I just loved it and had to buy it. I will show you that set tomorrow.
I went back to Marshalls today and picked up another set.This set had a pretty baby blue,light pink,red and a dark burgundy. I would not have bought it if the first set was not worth getting. I must have worn the nail polish for a whole week without a top coat and the polish did not chip at all. Each set came in four and the price was $5.99.So pretty much $1.50 each. One coat of this polish will get the job done but two coats will make it look a lot better. The nail polish is Formaldehyde,Toluene and DBP Free. There were 2 more different set that I might pick up later this week if its still there. Let me know if you have used this polish and your thoughts!

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