Thursday, January 12, 2012

Super Saving at CVS

My shopping list. I have to be fully prepared

Coupons for second transaction

 98 cents and received $4.00ecb's. Its funny,when I got to CVS I realized I forgot my purse and only had $2.00 cash on me. Thank God for ecb's and coupons!! The clerk was nice enough to hold my stuff for a few minutes while I drove back home to get my purse.

I had to get a Carmex lotion instead of the 3rd Rembrandt toothpaste-shelves were empty.

coupon and ecb's I used for the 2nd transaction. I never gave it a thought about using the Beauty Club $3.00 coupon on men's body wash, but if you look on-line, it does qualify!

I have to admit CVS is my all time favorite drug store. It used to be Walgreen's but not any more. Don't get me wrong, I still love Walgreen's but I feel that I get better deals at CVS.
I really love that CVS has those deals to earn a free $10.00 CVS Cashcard when you buy $30.00 worth of specially marked items. All week I have been looking at the CVS ad. and my coupons trying to figure out how to save the most and of course how to make the most. I don't like printing coupons out because the ink for my printer is so expensive. I keep telling my husband that we need a new printer. It's just one of those things that gets pushed back on the list. It not his fault though, I always forget to mention it to him when we are at Wal-Mart or Target. Anyways, I did print out 3 coupons for the Rembrandt toothpaste because they were each for $2.00 off. I always like to be prepared before I head out to CVS. I make sure to write my list and the estimate money that I am going to be spending. I hate surprises especially if money is involved. I try to keep a back up item in mind just in case something is not available. So here is what I bought:
First Transaction:
4 AXE body washes-$4.49x4=$17.96-$8.98(2coupons for bogofree)=$8.98-$5.00ecb=3.98-$3.00cvs beauty coupon=Total OOP $.98 plus $4.00ecb's!!!!!
Second Transaction:
ALL detergent-$4.00-$1.00coupon=$3.00
2 Clean&Clear-$4.99x2=$9.98-$4.00in coupons=$5.98
Rembrandt toothpaste=$3.99x2=$7.98-$4.00in coupons=$3.98
Carmex Lotion-$3.99-$1.00coupon=$2.99
Total before coupons=$31.44
after coupons,$4.00ecb's9(from first transaction) and $10.00 (cvscash card from earlier purchase)
Total OOP=$6.12 tax included and I received the $10.00CVScash card
I feel really good about this purchase. I tend to hold on to my CVScash cards for a while until I see a really good opportunity to use it. I have to mark my calendar with the expiration date of the ECB's that I earn. I get really upset when I let one expire. So I hope you get a chance to visit your local CVS and enjoy using their money saving promotions!

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