Friday, January 13, 2012

Mentos Gum Container UpCycle

On wednesday, I headed back to the gym. It had been a whole month that I was last there. Since my bangs had grown out, I decided just to clip them up with 2 bobby-pins. Big mistake! During the intense work out class my bangs fell off the pins. I swore that I had a barrett in my gym bag but I could not find them. Although I did not mind at all taking those few minutes to look for my barretts to catch my breath. I tried to hurry up because I certainly did not want to get called out by the instructor.
Just in case you dont know, I love printed duct tape! I have duct taped a small table that I found at GoodWill. I gave my makeup case a makeover using pink zebra print duct tape. I have upcycled BirchBoxes in black and white zebra print. I had a little bit of cheeta print duct tape left and decided to upcycle my Mentos Gum container. I plan to put it in my gym back and fill it with bobby pins,headband,clippie,barrette and a couple of dollars. If you like my project  you can also use it to store travel size tweezers and small scissors. Let me know what you think.

Duct Tape the bottom first

Then the sides. It's best to use an exacto knife to keep the cuts clean

Cut around the lid of the container and apply rhinestones on the sides. I used size 3mm purple rhinestones. I used nail glue to attach the rhinestones,then applied a clear top coat of nail polish to make sure they stay on.

I added my initial on top to give it a little bit more bling!

In between the small gaps, I added clear 1.5mm rhinestones

My hair product that I put inside the container,just missing the dollars, which will fit in nicely once I roll them up

Now I can find my hair stuff in my gym bag and not have to search for them. Feel free to put whatever you want in it.
My total cost for this project was zero dollars. I already had everything I needed. Here are the links to my makeupcase makeover and BirchBox Upcycle:
Makeup Case MakeOver:


  1. Great idea. I love the prited duct tape too. I took the pink zebra print & covered an old medicine cabinet & put my nail polish in it. I love it. Looks so cute.
    Thx for giving me a shout out on twitter. Much love.
    Leslie (llkelly316)

  2. Omg I love this! It is so cute!


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