Monday, January 9, 2012


54 count Regular To Go Body Shape pantiliners

This is what was included in my SheSpeaks CAREFREE ACTI-FRESH package
These pantiliners are body shape instead of just straight shaped

Look how thin these are!!! No wonder I can't tell I have one on!!!!

*I received this 54 count package of pantiliners from to test and review*

Last month, in December, I completed a survey on After completion, I qualified to receive a sample package of the Carefree acti-fresh body shape pantiliners. They sent me a big white envelope with 4 50cent coupons, 54 count package of liners and a Guide to Living by Carefree. I first tried it a  few weeks ago. I decided to wear one while I was doing a complete cleaning of my house including shampooing all the carpets. This pantiliner stayed in place the entire time. I did not even notice that I was wearing one at all. I also wore one during bed time. When I woke up it was still in place. There was no crinkling, shifting, or folding. It was still straight and aligned. I have been also wearing them during my cycle. I like wearing them for that extra protection when wearing a tampon. These pantiliners are so thin I can not even tell I have one on. They also help me stay and feel fresh.
How It Works:
Feels as soft & thin as a panty
New Core proven to absorb 2x more than before
8 hour odor control system

I really hope you give them a try. Thanks for stopping by.

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