Saturday, January 14, 2012

Houston Texans Manicure!!

Its getting late,didn't have time to clean up the side of my nails:(

OK, so I will be the first to admit, yes I am riding the "Texans Bandwagon". I never really paid much attention to football, even though my dad is Cowboys fan and my mom is a Texans fan. Football was always playing on Sunday afternoon after church at my parents house. Sometimes they even had to TVs going on at the same time. Oh the good ole days!!
Last Saturday the Texans played and I actually payed attention. Maybe it was cause of the red head on the opposing team or Cushing or Foster. I don't know, but it was actually a very good game. Tomorrow they will be playing Baltimore Ravens. To show my Texans pride, I decided to do this manicure. If Houston Texans isn't your team then feel free to change it to your teams colors.
All you need for this manicure is your favorite teams colors,tweezers,an exacto knife and the newspaper. Look for small pictures of your teams logo in the newspaper and cut them out with the exacto knife. Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish. Use the tweezers to place the logo on your nail and seal with another coat of clear polish. If you don't have the newspaper,just look up the logo on your computer,resize it and print it. This is sure cheaper than going to the salon and having them paint on the logo for you. I also used a Bundle Monster Image Plate to stamp on a star.
Let me know if you do this and what your favorite team is.
Go Texans!!!!!

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