Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today was a fun filled day!

My first pair of earrings I made.

Zebra Pony-Tail holder

Bundle Monster 17

Houston We Have A Purple- OPI-Texas Collection (4coats)

Today Alex and I woke up on time to head out to the library for story time. I picked up 3 books and hopefully I read them. I want a book that will make me laugh,cry,get mad,and end with a happy ending. So if you know of one please leave me a comment.
I have been having the urge to start making jewerly. A couple of weeks ago, I found some earring hooks and loop rings on clearance. I also found the charms that would match the hooks on clearance. Total, I spent about $3.00. Today I decided to make me some earings. It was fun and I liked the finished result. I hope to make more. I use an unfinished scarf as my jewerly holder. The little hole are perfect to hold earings. To hang my necklaces I use a bobby-pin to hang it to the scarf. Its very convient and easy to choose what I want to wear for the day.
I also made my "princess" niece this zebra print pony-tail holder. Since I have no little girls, she is my little model and will get every bow I make. I hope she doesn't get tired of them!!!
Last night I painted my nails Houston We Have a Purple by OPI. I used 4 coats total to achieve this color. I used my Seche Vite top coat to speed the drying time since I was going to bed right after painting them. I really like this color. It so pretty. Today I added the Bundle Monster Plate 17 to the tips. The only image I did'nt do was the shooting hearts. My favorite design was the checkerds on my pinky and scroll design on my wedding finger. All the images are pretty and transfer very well when I used Konad special polish in black.
Thanks for stopping by my page. Goodnight!!

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