Friday, February 11, 2011

Sinful Lizards-Yikes!!!



I was finally able to paint my nails and add a little design, but first let me write about these two colors. During my quick run to Walgreens, I was able to pick up these 2 colors by Sinful Colors. The first one is called Unicorn. I first applied a coat of white nail polish; then 2 coats of Unicorn. The color on the bottle is so pretty. The application was very streaky. I did not like it at all. It also took a long time to dry. I couldn't stand it so I took it off. I'll try it again but without the white base coat.
The second color I bought was Innocent, also by Sinful Colors. With this one, I applied a sheer nude color as a base coat then 3 coats of Innocent. I loved this color. It so pretty.. It's a really refreshing color. The color applied smoothly. No problems at all.
For the design on my nails, I used Bundle Monster Plate 15 and Konad special color in black. My nails are too short to use the other designs, so I stamped on the lizard. I can't stand lizards. I am so scared of them. They totally freak me out. I have to admit though, that I like the way they look on my nails. The lizards really stand out with the green nail color. Even though I like this design, I'm pretty sure they will be off my nails soon.
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