Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday at Hong Kong Market

Todays manicure-AustinTacious Turquoise
 I am so livid right now!!! All my pictures got that I took at The Hong Kong Market got deleted!!!! I cant believe it!!!!
I love this place because it feel like you are in a different country.  I picked up these two deliciouse cookies. The Hello Kitty cookies are like Piroutte's from Peppridge Farm.They are divine!! The other little container have little cookie sticks that you dip in chocolate.YUMMY! I also picked up these China Glaze polishes for only $4.00.  I have been looking for Let's Groove for the longest time. Its a pretty shimmery purple color. I was so excited to get this one. Another one that I really liked was Emotion. Its a shimmery nail polish from the Romantique collection. The last one is Cherish, also a shimmer from the Romantique collection. I love them and feel blessed to have gotten them. They also had a awesome nail rack, but I'll have to wait for that one. We also shared a tapioca strawberry drink.It took a couple of sips to get used to swallowing the lil balls but it tasted good. My son and husband didnt like it too much.
After that we went to eat at Pei Wei. I wish had the pictures to share:( I can't believe how big my baby is getting. He ate his whole meal with his chopstick. I was very impressed
On the way home, we went to the cemetary to visit my father in law. He passed away in december 2010. I miss him so much.
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