Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Manicure Win/Fail!!

Revlon Make Mine Mango


Bundle Monster 16

No flash

 Saturday morning I grabbed my coupon binder and headed to Target and made my rounds towards the  beauty clearance section. I was able to pick up this Revlon Make Mine Mango nail polish for only$.52 cents. Yes, you read correctly! I had a coupon for $1.00 off Revlon nail color. For that price I couldn't pass it up. It a pretty creamy coral color. To achieve this color, I applied 4 coats of nail polish. I used my Seche Vite fast dry top coat. It gave it the perfect shine. It even made my short nails look pretty.
I used Bundle Monster 16 to stamp on the images. I keep using my Konad special polish in black because I know that it works well with these plates. The images on this plate are so much thinner that the Konad images. I had a real hard time trying to get the image stamped on correctly. On my left hand, I used floral patterns that I was able to stamp on twice to get the full nail covered. One my right hand, I used a zebra print, which I loved. But again, I Failed at getting a full stamp on my nail. I ended up smearing the design:(.  The checkered pattern was pretty as well but again it was another Fail:(. The last one I tried was another floral patter which was cute,but couldn't get the full image on right......Fail:(  All in all this is a really pretty plate, I just wish the images were wider.
Next time, I will leave this Make Mine Mango nail polish without design. Its pretty as it is-Win!!!
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