Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anchors Away

Sinful Colors-Why not

Color Club-??

Bundle Monster 18

Bundle Monster-08 and 18

This evening my sister in law (sis) suprised us with an awesome dinner from Antonios Italian restaurant. It was Yummy! After that wonderful meal, I went ahead and finished my manicure that I started on earlier today. Please forgive the messyness ( nail polish on skin and cuticle). To achieve this beautiful blue color I used Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Why Not. I applied 3 coats to achieve this color. Two coats would have been enough, but I tried one more to see if there was a difference in color. The color applied smoothly without any streaking. On my right hand, I used BM18 to apply the image on my tips. I'm not very good at applying the tips on my right hand. But like they say "practice makes perfect".  If I can manage to get this tips straight,they would look really pretty. On my left hand, I applied one coat on Color Club glitter polish. I dont't know the name of this one. I bought it in a set at Ross. I love the end result of the one coat of the glitter over the Sinful polish. I applied an anchor image on the nails and it reminded me of the ocean with an anchor in the bottom. I'm gonna have to stop here,since I have my nephews over for the night.Thanks for stopping by.

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