Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Lil Bit of This and That

My aunt Zeke and me with a confused face!!
 I think I need more Crochet classes
 Today was one of the best days I have had this year.  It was a "Girls Day Out" for my sisters birthday. We started the day by eating at La Madeline for brunch. It was so good. I had a Chicken Perisian sandwich.YUMMY. Then we went to Hobby Lobby for a class to learn how to crochet. It was so fun and my aunt (here pictured with me) had us all laughing. After 2 hours of the instructor teaching us how to crochet, I was only able to complete 2 rows,but it was so  much fun. Spending time with my sister, mom, aunt and my two beautiful nieces was such a blessing. I thank God for allowing us to be together to celebrate with my sister.

 This is one of the gifts I made for my sister. It is a rose hair pin. I bought a long stem rose, pulled it apart and glued it to a hair pin. To give it a little bit more shine, I glued a rhinestone to the center.

 This is another gift I made. I pulled the flower apart and put a button in the center of the flower. I glued it to a pony tail holder. I was so glad she liked her gifts. I also made her a ring but forgot to take a picture of it. Her last gift was a China Glaze nail polish in a pink shade and a base and top coat from Seche Vette.

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