Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let's Go Check the Mail!!

Who doesn't like checking the mail?  I love checking the mail, except for the first, middle and end of the month. Thats when the BILLS usually appear.  Other than that, I love it. Especially when I see the mail man putting in a package in the box. Last month I recieved free goodies for Pillsbury,Emergen-C,Nicorette and a few other companies.  All I did was sign up with and and they send me daily emails of free samples I can register for to recieve.  When you register for a free sample you dont have to check the little box that allows the company to send you more information on the product. I never check it and I still get my samples. I'm not a smoker and more than likely I will not use the Nicorette, but its the new year and I have someone in mind to offer it too. If you know of another free sample site please let me know.

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