Monday, July 28, 2014

Blessed Monday

Today was a very blessed day for me.  I turned 37 years young today.  I felt very fortunate for this years hardships and blessing.  God is good all the time All the time God is good!
Today I spent it with my son.  My husband is working out of town for a while and even though I missed him not being with us, Alex and I had a great day.
We decided to go to the "fancy" mall today which is about 30 minutes away which is not far at all but I just got so used to driving 10 minutes to our local mall.
Our first stop was to Build-A-Bear to buy Alex the new TMNT Build-A-Bear.  Unfortunately they did not have any in stock.  They won't be getting any until September!! The sales lady suggested we order a "unstuffed" one online and have it stuffed at the store.  I am so thankful to have son who doesn't throw a fit when things don't go his way.
We then went to the Coach store and I saw 2 pretty bags.  The first was the Mini Brooklyn and the other was the Mini Bleeker.  They were both cross body bags which is more my style. We ended up leaving without making a purchase.  We did make a small purchase at the Lego store though.  If you have a Lego Discovery Center or a Lego Park near by, they have coupons in their Lego magazines that they give out for free, for a free child entrance to either parks.
I went to Sephora and bought  Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in Melted Violet.  I have not tried it on yet but it looked so pretty on my wrist.
We then walked into Michael Kors and I bought a black cross body bag. I forgot the name of it but will post pictures soon.
Afterwards we had lunch at our favorite Chick-Fil-A then went to the Apple store to figure out why the Internet crashes when he tried to use his iPad.  I also went to Lush but I don't think I have enough privacy in a day to take a quite relaxing bath anytime soon.
We then drove to ULTA to get Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. I also bought the Anastasia Amrezy Palette which is so pretty.  It was an unexpected buy because I mainly went there to get the Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I must go now; time to enjoy my birthday Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll.


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