Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Day At HollyWood Studios

This is a few of us when we first got to the park
Magic Bands
These bands allowed us entry to the parks, to our resort bedroom, had our meal plans and fast pass rides linked to them

That's my mom in the wheelchair and dad in the far right with the hat.  
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Dessert at 50's Prime Time Cafe. This restaurant was so much fun. The  theme is set in the 1950. There are black and white  TVs all over the walls showing episodes of different 50's sitcoms. Manners are very important when eating here. No elbows on the table and you have to eat all your veggies. My dad had to be corrected a few times about his elbows on the table and he got quite the "punishment".  He had to stand in the corner and apologize to "Aunt forgot her name" for putting his elbows on the table. This was very funny for his kids and grandchildren to watch.   My niece and nephew did not eat any of there green beans. "Auntie" gladly picked up there plates and came back with a surprise for them,  She layered the green beans in ice-cream, whipped cream and M&M's. They still didn't eat them but it was all done in fun. I had a chicken Cesar Salad and it was delicious. This meal was covered in our Disney Dinning Plan. We only had to pay for the tip.

To take a break from the walking we watched a show about Indiana Jones

I didn't take my camera in because I thought it was going to be too big to carry.  This was  our first trip so we were kind of a lost on where to start. I think it was harder because we were also in a large group.  As far as rides go I only got on one which was the Toy Story Midway Mania. This was really cute.  It was also in 4D and you had to shoot moving targets. Unfortunately we got to the Pixar area when it was closing time. I would have loved to find this area first.
In my honest opinion, If I only had 3 days to spend at WDW I don't think I would make this park a priority to go to. It was fun but not to spend a whole day there kind of fun. The day was cloudy but no rain. Which was very nice because it gave a little breeze not too much but enough to keep you from sweating profusely. 
This was taken at the Pixar area. 

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