Sunday, July 20, 2014

Oh How I've Missed Blogging

Today starts a new week for me! I am so happy to get back to my blog. I have been part lazy and part busy which is the reason why I haven't been here for a long while. Today my very nice and loving husband bought me a new MacBook Air. This is the first laptop we have ever owned. Our desk top is upstairs in a room that hold all of our "stuff to sell in garbage sell" room. So that was the lazy part of me having to go upstairs to that room. Wow that really makes me sound lazy. I also have not been blogging because I was with my mom for a couple of weeks to help her around the house. She broke her foot so Alex and I moved in for about 2 weeks to keep her company and keep up the house since she wasn't very mobile. During that time my husband went to Colorado to work which all worked out just fine. Gods timing was just perfect. We also went to Walt Disney World and Destin. I will definitely blog about this awesome experience. I bought the new Lorac2 Palette and the Maybelline Nudes Palette and post swatches of that. I hope y'all come back and visit my blog to see swatches and pictures.  I plan on hosting a small giveaway as well. Take care and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. so sorry to know what happ. to your mom. I hope she is doing well now.
    Congrats to new Macbook ♥


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