Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Melted Violet-Too Faced

I don't go to Sephora very often but I think I should. They are super friendly and make your purchase look so pretty.  

Chloe sample
Smells so good

Birthday gift
All you have to do is register online or at the store.  You'll get a birthday email to remind you of your free gift.  It can also be redeemed on line but you have to make purchase.  I don't  think an in-store purchase is needed to get your gift.

Rouge Artist Natural N9 lip color and Smoky Extravagant mascara

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

Melted Violet

0.40 Fl.Oz

Velvet tip allows precise application

Gently squeeze and product will come out

This color is perfection!

How do some girls look so pretty when showing off their  lipsticks on Instagram???

I have been seeing a lot of the Melted colors on Instagram.  They look so intense and pretty.  I decided to go ahead and get one.  Oh my gosh, I think I want them all now. It  applies evenly and are not thick. Its actually creamy and feels good on my lips.  Its not sticky at all.  They come in 10 shades  and well worth the price.  If I get another chance to visit Sephora or Ulta I am going to get Melted Fuchsia.  

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