Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 2: Epcot Theme Park

It did rain towards the end of this day.  I made sure to pack ponchos for my nephew and Alex. I also had a light gym jacket in my backpack

This day at Epcot was actually really fun.  Lots of walking but well worth it.  My sister suggested to take a little notebook and a fat marker to get autographs from the Disney Characters.  We bought some from Michaels Craft store. The notebooks where in the kids section $1.00 baskets and the fat markers are the ones that have a scent to them.  Those were a little over $1.00.  I'm still trying to figure out how to upload photos to my blog so forgive me if my pictures are limited.  When we first got to Epcot, Pluto was taking pictures with the kids.  He also signed there books.  My mom had a big sun hat on and she had the characters sign that.  We used our Fast Pass to get in line to have Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy take pictures with us. The kids really enjoyed that.  I must admit I enjoyed it as well.   We watched the show "The Circle of Life"  We rode Mission: Space and Test Track.  I  was shocked that I actually got on it.  I am usually very scared of heights and get motion sickness really quick.  But it was all worth it especially after hearing my son say "Im proud of you mom".  I am glad he took after his daddy...fearless.  We ate dinner at the Nine Dragons Restaurant which was included in our dining plan.  Again we just had to pay for the tip.  After dinner we walked 

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