Monday, July 21, 2014

Walt Disney World-All Star Music Resort

Finding this frame and balloons made our welcome very pleasant. It was a real surprise to see this when we walked into our room.

How cure it this!!
This Mickey Mouse towel set was on our bed. I  didn't want to mess it up, so I carefully picked it up and  placed it  on  a desk that was in the bedroom.

This is the desk I was talking about.

The room we stayed in also had a small kitchen and fridge. Which was great because we were able to  keep cold drinks in there from our ice chest. 

Sorry for the sideways picture.
The room also had 2 full bathrooms.  My son and nephew used  one and  Frank and I used the other.

Again sorry for the sideways picture.
This was the vanity area separate from the shower and toilet. I  also had a  privacy curtain which was great  for extra privacy

This is the outside of the resort we stayed in. The buses picked us up from here to take us to the park we wanted to go to for that day. This was also the drop off site.

The room had a full size pull out couch and the chair and ottoman pulled out into a single size bed.

Don't forget or be embarrassed to ask for buttons. We got 1st Visit,  Family Reunion, and  Celebrate buttons.  There was 13  of us on our group and they gladly gave each one of us buttons. All the "Cast Members" at WDW are very helpful and friendly.

Alex taking a picture with a Cast Member.
This summer we were very blessed to be able to go to Walt Disney World. We talked about going but never really made any plans to go.  My aunt was gracious enough to invite us and 10 other of my family members to Walt Disney World.  We piled up in 3 vehicles and started our voyage from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida.  We stopped about every four hours to stretch our legs and take restroom breaks. We packed a few ice chest with drinks and lunch meat. We also had bread and a big variety of snack that way we didn't need to spend extra money eating out during the drive to Orlando.  We left my house about 7am and made our final stop at about 10pm. The next morning we drives a few more hours until we got to Walt Disney World. The resort we stayed in was a value resort. We knew we were going to spend more time at the parks rather than the room so this resort was perfect for us. As you can see the room was very roomy. We got a package that included points for a hot breakfast, a snack and dinner. We also got refillable cups to use at the resort. We ate breakfast every morning at the cafeteria in the resort. The waffles were shaped into Mickey Mouse. The snack point was used at the park. We were able to get anything from popcorn to cookies to pretzels or frozen lemonade. There were many others to choose from but these were some of the things our group chose to get. The dinners were awesome. I'll post more about that in a couple of days.  There is so much more I can write about the resort but I'll stop here. I will say that we found it easier to just call WDW to make the reservations rather that book online. My aunt and I must have spent a little more than an hour with the call center making the reservation. Every question we asked was answered politely and she gave us different price options from the more expensive resorts to the most value resorts. Overall it was a great experience.

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