Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Favorites

 You can buy this big bottle of Olay at Walmart for about $8.oo. It leaves your skin so soft and clean smelling. It reminds me of Country Chic from Bath and Body Works. This by far is my most favorite lotion ever.

 Last month my face started breaking out really bad. In my twenty's, I used to get really big pimples on my cheek. I had a habit of popping them and they would leave a really dark blemish mark on my face. I was getting really upset that I started to get them again. I was even getting them on my neck:( I was using Clean and Clear Foaming Face wash,but that did not seem to help.  I saw this Garnier face wash on sale at Walgreen's and I also had a coupon. I ended up getting both the cleanser and moisturizer for about $5.oo.  This helped clear out my pimples so fast. I was amazed. I really love the brush head. It feels really good on your face. The bristles are not rough or stiff. It really feels good on your face. It leaves your face feeling clean. One thing I will mention though, is that it does not remove eye makeup very well. It will also leave the brush head a little black if you use it on your eyes. If you use eye makeup remover before you wash your face them you should have no problems. Keep your eye out for sales at CVS or Walgreens and coupons in your Sunday newspaper. I've already got 2 more bottle stocked up.
 This is an excellent moisturizer. I love it because it has sunscreen. It gives your face a nice fresh scent. It's not oily. I will definitely continue to use this product.
 I bought these at Ross for $2.99. For some reason, I thought this was by Garnier also, but it is not.The green packaging really got me! They still work really good. I love the way they smell. They leave your face feeling clean and smooth no matter how much makeup you have. It takes off eye makeup really well too. I also have a few back stocked too. I try to buy one every time I get a chance to go to Ross. If you shop at Ross you know you have to buy what you see because the next time you visit it will not be there any more.
 I bought this Biore face wash because I had a coupon for free blackhead strips and because it was on sale. I bought this about 2 weeks ago. I use this to wash my face in the morning and use the Garnier at night in the shower. This face wash really wakes you up in the morning. Your face feels refreshed and clean and awake. For some reason, when I saw the word "ice" on the bottle, I thought it was going to have little crystals in the cleanser but it does not. Its just a clear cleansing face wash. I will definitely repurchase.

 This is my new straightener. I posted about it a few blogs ago. I love the way it leaves my hair. It really made my hair look board straight and shiny when my hair was longer. My hair is super short now but I still use it to straighten out my hair when I wake in the morning.
I also posted about this in a recent post. This is the Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It comes two in a pack for about $2.47 at Target. I'm constantly cleaning the toilet bowls so I cant say how good it cleans it but it really does deodorize your restroom. Especially around the toilet bowl area. I buy the blue ones. I believe its the Mountain Fresh scent. They last a long time too. I would say about 6 weeks.

So this was my June favorites. I don't normally buy alot  of stuff monthly to make a favorites post every month. I always put myself in the back burner and buy for my son before I buy for myself. I'm pretty sure alot of you can relate. Well thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great 4th of July weekend. Be safe and be Blessed!!

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