Thursday, July 7, 2011

Give-Away-Prizes have Arrived

Stamper and Scraper

Hello Kitty Image Plate

Zoe&Zac Naturals Island Dunes eye and lip palette

Zoe&Zac Lip Shimmer in Silky Rose
 The items above will be given to 2 lucky winners in my YouTube GiveAway. The GiveAway will be easy. It will be open to Everyone Everywhere. This is just to say "ThankYou" to everyone who has subscribed to my channel. I have been on YouTube for one year now. Time went by so fast. I still get kind of nervouse and shy to make them, but I love making them. Even if one person watches my video, I am thankful for that one persons time and comment and subscription. I will post rules and video on my YouTube channel and this blog.

These items here listed on the bottom will be BONUS prizes if the winners are also subscribed to this blog. I will post rules tomorrow on my YouTube channel and this blog.
Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara-Black

Elf eyeshadow brush

Thanks for stopping by, dont forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and my Blog:)


  1. Great giveaway. Thx for hosting it. I would To win. My YT user name is lllelly316.
    I'm glad I found your blog. I love reading blogs but don't know how to find them unless I am sent to them. So thx.

  2. Thank you for doing this lovely giveaway! My youtube name is GorgeousPanda and I followed your blog.

  3. thank you for doing this giveaway!!my yt name is cutedesigns and i enter every day!!Because i love this giveaway and i want to win!!Love ya,hugs and kisses and check out my yt too!

  4. i get the prizes,absolutely AMAZING!!!!Thank you SO much!!Xoxo,cutedesigns!!


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