Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Walgreen $10.98 OOP-Coupons

Today was my day to go to Walgreens. Unfortunately, I was unable to buy the Sunday paper so I only used the coupon that I already had in my binder. I was prepared to stop at 4 different Walgreen's in my area but thank goodness everything I needed was in the first Walgreens I stopped at. I was very surprised actually. The deals this week were great. I am starting to shop more at Walgreen's than CVS!

 2-$.75 off coupons

These $1.00 off coupons where in my Influenster Mom VoxBox

no coupons

no coupons

no coupons-I was not sure which Listerine was on sale for $4.99-The UltraClean is the one that is on sale

First Transaction:
DenTek Flossers  2/$4.00-$2.00=$2.00 received $2RR

Second Transaction:
2/$7.00-$2RR from last week and $2RR from first transaction=$3.00 received $4RR

Third Transaction:
$4.99-$4RR from transaction 2=$.99 received $4RR

Fourth Transaction
2/$6.00-$4RR from third transaction=$2.00 received $4RR

Fifth Transaction:
Buy one get one free
$4.49-.$75 coupon-$.75coupon=$2.99
I payed this with a gift card.

So in reality my OOP was $7.99 for all the items I purchased or $.89 each item.

I have this $4RR that I might use for some more of the above items depending on what is going to be on sale next week.

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