Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Limited Edition: The Summer BBQ Cravebox

This is the 2nd Limited Edition Cravebox I have received. I really was not sure If I should have bought it but now that I opened it I know I am going to use everything that I received. This box was $10.00 as well. Please visit their website for more information.

BIC Flame Disk
The convenient charcoal alternative
Learn more

Mozaik Appetizer Ware
Stylish,durable,perfect for outdoor entertaining

True Lemon Original Lemonade
Created from fresh lemons from the grove that are cold-pressed and crystallized to lock in their flavor

Mighty Leaf Tea Sunburst Green Iced Tea
A cool and vibrant fresh brewed iced green tea with a light emerald hue

BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter
Durable, child-resistant and essential to any out-door grilling event. Learn more at

I know I say this in every CRAVEBOX post but truly they are a great company who are worth the $10.00 monthly subscription. I am so glad to be on their subscription list.

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  1. excellent post and video!! I love your video the most out of all the ones I've seen :) But, that's nothing new lol :D You're awesome! So glad to know you! Oh, and that lemonade is soooo gooood! I would love to have more of it and try out the raspberry one! yum!


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