Tuesday, July 17, 2012

IKEA Vanity-Very Budget Friendly

I have been wanting a vanity area for the longest time. I had been using a table that my mother in law had given us. I originally used it as a desk to store crafts for my son. It eventually ended up in my bedroom. It was great but I hated sitting on the floor to apply my makeup.
I finally decided to start looking around for different tables that were in my budget. IKEA seemed like the right place for me and my pur$e. I looked on line and made my list. On our way back from Austin we stopped. If you have never been there,make sure to grab a map. Second, if you have your list ready, go to the nearest computer and locate your items. Once you get the main things you need then start looking around the store for the "extras".  There was a mirror that I was wanting and an other lady took the very last one. Next shipment wont be in till later this week. Hopefully I find it when I go back. One more thing, everything from IKEA has to be assembled.

Vika Adils Leg: $3.50 each

Herman Chair Black: $14.99

Lagra Work Lamp: $4.99

Vika Amon Table: $10.99

all the items you need to get this chair ready is provided

the brown desk in the corner was my previous makeup table

Chair is very easy to assemble

back side of the table; holes are already on table

All you need is a Phillips screwdriver.

I think I am going to stay with this mirror I already had.

Hobby Lobby craft storage: $79.99 I used a 40% off coupon:$47.99 http://hobbylobby.com/
 I was going to buy the Helmer drawer from IKEA but they did not have any in stock http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40107872/#/00107874

Here is the almost finished look. I just need to get a glass top to keep it clean
And I need to hang a mirror on the wall that I also bought at IKEA

IKEA: $57.95
Hobby Lobby: $47.99

I am very happy with the look and it was totally in my budget. Shopping at IKEA was so much fun. The possibilities are endless.

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